Breeding goldfish

Breeding goldfish

It’s not impossible to breed your goldfish and raise the young, but it’s not as easy as breeding rabbits or gerbils. The main reason is that goldfish lay eggs in the water, rather than giving birth to babies.

Video of a very healthy fantail goldfish

Here’s a short but sweet video of a beautiful fantail goldfish. Enjoy!

Fantail goldfish

Despite its high dorsal fin and flamboyant caudal (tail) fin, the Fantail Goldfish has no problem swimming at at all, even in moderate currents.

Choosing a filter for your goldfish tank

There's a huge range of fish tank filters out there. How do you decide which aquarium filter is right for you?

Where to buy goldfish

A healthy goldfish aquarium starts with healthy goldfish. Buying goldfish without any diseases or physical damage will save you big problems later down the line.

5 reasons not to use goldfish bowls

A bowl might seem an ideal home for a goldfish but in fact they make a terrible home for most kinds of fish, including goldfish.

What do you need for the perfect goldfish aquarium?

Goldfish have been kept in watertight vessels for hundreds of years, but certain modern gizmos will really improve your tank.

Types of aquarium filter

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choice in the aquarium filter market, which is no doubt just how the manufacturers like it. Confusion equals opportunity in retail!

Fancy goldfish at Aquarama 2007

Practical Fishkeeping magazine went to Aquarama in Singapore (lucky things!) and came back with this amazing video of dozens of kinds of fancy goldfish.

The shocking secret of goldfish memory

Think your goldfish can't remember one moment to the next? Think again.