How to contact the Goldfish Care Guide

Got a message just for us? Want to find out how to advertise on our site? Or have you just discovered a picture of a shark where we thought we’d put a fantail? Please let us know using the form below.

Unfortunately we can’t reply to all emails received. In particular, we’ve been overwhelmed by people asking for specific advice about their goldfish aquariums. Unfortunately we can’t get back to these individual requests via email. Sorry! We will however be looking to set up a discussion forum to address these needs as soon as possible.

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86 Responses to “How to contact the Goldfish Care Guide”

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  2. Hi,

    I’m looking for some advice about keeping my tank water cleaner for longer.

    I have a 120 liter tank with 5 goldfish that are each about 4 inches long.

    I have 2 internal filters in the tank but I still have to replace most of the tank water every week. The filters suck water through sponges which get filled up pretty quickly. I don’t have an air pump as the fish don’t seem to need one.

    Do I have too many fish?

    I’ve seen a biological filter called AquaClear, will putting one of these in help?



  3. Hi Jim,

    AquaClear filters are ones I’ve been using for years they work great. They come in a variety of sizes suitable for any aquarium you may have. In my book the more filtartion you have in your tank the better. Instead of getting a smaller filter then does your size tank why not go a size up. This will help maintain excellent water quality and will help reduce your maintenance. Anothe roption you can think is cannister filters. They work great and can easily be hidden away if. You can also backwash your filter cleaning out any debris. Works great!

    Hope this helps.


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

  4. I have two fantail goldfish one of them has white stuff coming out of it’s body. The other day it was coming out right above it’s eye I was wondering what it is and what I need to do. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE Richard

  5. Hello myy name is cecelia pitts and how can you tell if your goldfish is a boy or a girl. :0 :)

    thank you!!1

  6. can you please tell me how many gold fish would be recommended for a 33gallon tank its 24ins x24×18. the fish would be 2/3 ins.

  7. Why is my fish always upside down in a corner? She sometimes eats upside down is that normal

  8. Hi Jamie,

    HELP! One of the goldfish in my care (it actually belongs to my 6 yr old nephew, or the 4 yr old, Im not sure which is which!- nonetheless, this goldfish is the bigger of the two. They live in a much too SMALL bowl with each other. (I just read how/why bowls are quite bad for the fish) The bigger goldfish, who has been ‘bottom heavy’ since they got it– bulgy, etc in the body area– has been exhibiting really strange behavior. It frequently swims upside down- does rolls, or seems to just.. roll inadvertently to the side/almost upside down. It also seems to float to the top of the bowl without trying, as if it cannot keep itself down/in the middle of the bowl. The last weird thing it does, literally, it will rest itself for alarmingly long periods of time on the top of the bowl, just motionless, with the top half of his/her(?)body poking out of the water. As if it’s exhausted or something. Most recently (as of this AM, matter of fact) the latest thing I noticed were these weird cloud/cotton like tufts floating in the bowl and attached to its tail. (what the WHAT??) I am very worried about all this, and I am certain this is NOT the normal behavior of a healthy goldfish. I would HATE to see anything happen to it (or the other one) Besides MY being sad, my young nephew would most likely be a bit freaked.

    Any advice you might provide would be greatly appreciated,
    Best, Susan L.

  9. Our goldfish seems to have blood pooling in it’s belly. My son (it’s his fish) said he noticed a small red spot on his belly about 5 days ago. We left for vacation and when we got back, his whole underbelly looks like it’s bleeding. The fish is acting fine, eating, swimming normally, etc. What could this be and how do we fix it - if possible.

  10. Hi, my name is Ava and I’m with, an online community for reef aquarists. We wanted to put your site on our Recommended Reading list but not sure how to get in touch to let u know of a few more details. I was wondering if someone could e-mail me back at

    Thank you.

  11. Why do they kill each other and how can I prevent further murders of their own.

  12. Im glad that I read this. Im a massive fan of all things to do with both fresh and saltwater aquariums and this post was useful to me. Thank you once again. I will keep reading your blog with interest.

  13. Our gold fish is getting too large for our tank. He is a big fish. Is it possible to put the goldfish in a creek or lake somewhere?

  14. My concerned is the same as Monica Schreiber’s: Our goldfish seems to have blood pooling in it’s belly. I noticed a small red spot on his belly and about it’s gills around its underfins, both fish underbellies looks like they’re bleeding. The fish is eating, and swimming normally, but both are spending more time staying stationary at the bottom of the acquarium something they have not done before. What could this be and how do we fix it - if possible.

  15. Your website might be displaying drawbacks on my Windows browser. Many thanks.

  16. can you feed goldfish tropical fish food without doing them harm?

  17. how do you determine the sex of a comet goldfjsh?

  18. Dear Webmaster of Goldfish Care Guide,
    I would like to know how big would my feeder goldfish would grow into if they(8 common/comet goldfish) are in a 10 gallon. I know that it is too small for them. But will they still grow or stay at the same size. They are about 3-4 inches now.

  19. hi There i have just adopted a fan tail goldfish, but it has worryingly adopted being upside down , do they rest like this on the base, when moved delicately it begins to swim normally, this is all new to me, as i adopted this fish out a duty of care, please if you have some advise, thanks, but please please make contact Harpa.

  20. I really enjoy visiting your blog, it is actually one of the highlights of my week. I particularly enjoy reading it during my lunch break.

  21. I m having a 50 gallon tank. i have 6 goldfish. in that 2 of them are fantail goldfish about 4 inches long, 2 black moor goldfish about 2 inches and 2 lionhead goldfish about 3 inches. for the past 6 days, both of my lionhead goldfish are staying at the bottom of the tank without any movement at all. its not swimming or moving around. remaining all other fishes are looking absolutely normal. And water quality also good. i dont know whats wrong with these 2 goldfish for the past 1 week. its in the same condition staying in the bottom of the tank except during feeding times its looking perfectly normal and moving around very well for taking the food coming to the top of the tank. but after feeding time its again going to the bottom of the tank and settles down without any movement. i feed them once a day only. i dont have any idea of the problem with them. out of that 2, 1 is moving around for atleast 20 mins a day but the other is even worse. its moving only during feeding time. please help me i dont know whats the problem with them. Before they are not like this, they are active but they are behaving like this for the past 1 week. so please help me with your best answer please. im waiting thanks.

  22. I am getting a fantail goldfish and it is going to be my first fish ever. How do I clean the tank water correctly? I have read a lot but I still don’t understand.

  23. Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Many thanks

  24. Madison,

    To keep the tank water clean and healthy involves regular maintenace. This is done through regular water changes and a good operating filter system.

    - Regular water changes
    - Clean aquarium gravel
    - clean filter media
    - use brush clean aquarium glass
    - always add conditioner when doing water changes

    Through a little research you’ll know all there is to goldfish care.

    Best of luck Madison and feel free to stop by my goldfish blog.


    Jamie Boyle

  25. hey is it normal for a goldfish 2 be turning black all over?please reply 2 me in a email thanx….(:

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  29. Hello,

    My son brought home a ‘goldfish’ from the Florida State Fair in Feb, 2010. He named him Bob. He was already 2″ long, but from previous experience, I did not expect him to thrive. Fast forward to now: Most people who come to visit me now see “Bob” in his 55 gal tank, and say “HOLY CR^P!” Bob is at least 12″ from lips to tail, and seems happy enough, but seems to be nose down a lot of the time. I bought ‘him’ a girlfriend about 6 months ago, and I think she may grow to Bobs size as well, In addition, there are 2 Picasimus and 3 much smaller fish sharing the 55 gallons. WHY does Bob “nose down, tail up”? Scales look healthy, local Pet-store tests and says water is fine………

  30. I had 4 fantails, 1 just died & the other 3 are on the bottom not looking well. My sucker died 6 weeks ago & I had to clean out the tank replacing the water gradually over the week as it had disintegrated in the tank before I knew it was gone.Could they have caught something from the dead fish?.o or I have had them since 2000 so could they all just be dying of old age?

  31. I got me a fantail goldfish from my local petco the other day and I noticed it had 2 white protusions coming out from under its scales. I didn’t think much of it and bought him anyways. Today, there are alot more of them. The only description I can think of is wormlike. What can I do? And also, the fish never grew a tail and I didn’t know if maybe that’s the issue. Please help. Those things don’t look comfortable and id really like my fish to be better

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  33. @ Caitlin…Your fish may have a case of “Anchor Worm”…It is mainly found in Koi but has been known to infect other types of fish…Mainly,Goldfish…I lost 11 small Koi to this problem and it is very infectious. Try using some >Malachite GreenPro Form-Latedsgrill@gmail< If you need any more info…All the best,Ted.

  34. Hi,

    My name is Ivy Yang. I have a goldfish for just 4 weeks. I think you can see I dont have much experience for keeping goldfish.
    This morning I saw a very tiny bug in dark green color was swimming in my goldfish tink. Then my goldfish ate the bug.
    After a few minutes I saw the bug appearing under the goldfish’s skin and moving around.
    Now it has almost been a day and the goldfish is still alive and the bug is also still alive and moving around the poor fish’s body.

    It is so weired for me and even kind of scary.
    I really want to know what the bug is and what wil happen to the poor goldfish.

    Can you please give any information about this?

    thank you very much!


  35. hi i have 4 fish to i know are orange fantails and 2 0thers red with black and blue black eyes and black spots on the fin so i would wonder if you could tell me what kind of fish thanks from cameron.

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  37. i buy a new fish tank(first time and i know nothing about fishes)..i put gravel,a air pump,filter,plastic stones and plants……….i had 2 goldfish and 2 in black colour small in size and a tank of 1 foot(not sure)..but after 3 days black coloured died so i bring 2 red cap …but now they all are sick having fungus(white spots on tail)and lying on the bottom of tank in a corner.. i used many things to cure them like anti rid,salt,change water,warm the water with heater..but nothing is happening..i love them a lot and dont want to lose them plz tell me something..{my mail id on gmail is ajaysaini485

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  40. I have had two goldfish in a 40 gallon tank for over 10 years. One died yesterday. I am afraid the one remaining would do poorly alone, but he would eat a smaller companion. What do you recommend for the remaining fish? He seems healthy, but sad.

  41. Hi..I am a very desperate goldfish owner/lover. We have 10 goldfish and one looks sick or is dying. It is a multi-colored fantantail mostly white w black n orange markings, very pretty. She (I call it a “she”) is very glum sittin on the bottom she looks to have some white bubble growths either on or under her scales on one side of her The other side has one or two bubbles but it looks like possible blood like internal bleeding near belly/tail area. I am very worried she might die or if sick that our other fish may die. I do not see anything on the others. She will swimm if i ge close to tank t look at her better but she goes right back to her same spot. This has been going on about a week. Please help they are my 8yr olds fish.

    Singed with desperation

  42. What can I do to prevent this from happening to our other fish?

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  63. Hello. Sadly I just lost one of my beautiful white fantail goldfish. I’m just hoping some one will be able to give me answers. It started slowly about two weeks maybe a little longer. Glenda was a very healthy fish we inherited her a year ago and was thriving. We take very good care of all of our tanks. Glenda lived in our 70gal tank, she began hiding in a corner behind a piece of driftwood. She would try to swim out but only had little use of her arm fins. Then she would bend and basically let herself float back down to the bottom. Her fins began to have red steaks, and a dark red spot on her tail. I heard it sounded like nitrite poisoning but our tank levels were perfect and no other fish are acting out looking that way. We also tried to feed her a boiled pea, but with her lack of movement I don’t think she ate much of it. I’m so sad I feel like I let her down. Can any one explain?

  64. Hi, please could someone help me regarding my goldfish.
    One keeps rolling over and floating on the top of the tank, or sometimes at the bottom of the rank. Always in the same spots. Does that mean he’s about to pass away?
    The other one has a lump on his side.
    Thank you

  65. Hello sir /mam….
    I really need ur help….
    I bought an aquarium one week back…all the fishes are doing okay except one gold fish…..

    She has developed black patches on her body n fins….she is hardly respising….she is breathing soo….feebly…that it cannot be appreciated even….or i dont knw…even…whether she is really respiring or not….she is jst floating in the corner of the tank…orsometimes comes to the center….with the flow….
    Please tell me what to do…can she be saved ??
    What happened to her….
    I give the food twice a day….even k added antichlorine in the tank…before putting the fishes inside….i did all what was nevessory….

    Can i save her….can i do any damn thing to save her….or i dont knw may be…is she already dead ??
    Please do reply …..i need help !

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  67. Hi. I have two fantail gold fish. They have lived together for about 8 months (when I bought them both from the pet store). I recently had an ammonia issue (after I vacuumed their tank) I got an under gravel filter and am running that as well as the regular filter and some stone aerators. They love the bubbles! Anyway, now one fish is swimming in the butt area of the other. It is like one fish is trying to swim into the other. Can anyone please shed some light on this.

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  73. Hi,
    I have a goldfish that is roughly 10-11 years old. He has a problem with one of his eyes. It used to be somewhat cloudy with a red vein in it, and now it has gone completely black. I have no idea what it is or how to cure it.
    Please contact me by email and I can send you pictures to hopefully help find out what the problem is!!!
    I hope to hear from you soon!! Thank you,

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    I’ve a 10 gallon aquarium & as many times I’m trying to keep a goldfish they are dying within 3 weeks.
    I am unable to find out their illness and cause of their death, recently one of my fancy tail gold fish has fallen ill and most part of its tail fin has torn away.


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