About the Goldfish Care Guide

The Goldfish Care Guide will soon be your number one stop for learning what your goldfish needs.

Over the next few months we’ll be building up a huge library of articles all about caring for your goldfish. We’ve already covered setting up your first goldfish aquarium and where to buy your goldfish, and also looked at goldfish diseases.

Soon we’ll have articles on all the different types of goldfish, more about how to feed goldfish, and even explain how you can breed your goldfish.

Site editor: Owen James

Owen got his first goldfish, a silver fantail, when he was eight-years old. Too many years have passed since, but his love of the aquatic world has only grown stronger, which makes editing a site all about goldfish a joy rather than a job.

We’ll be getting other writers on board in time, so watch this space.

Photo credits

We’d like to thank the following photographers for making their pictures available publicly via a Creative Commons license on flickr. Unfortunately our WordPress theme doesn’t allow us to link directly from their images, but you can click on their names to see more of their fab work: Merec0, MGoldstein, Goldy, Donny27.

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