Video of a very healthy fantail goldfish

We’ve just spotted this lovely video of a fantail goldfish, a type which we only recently wrote up in our short guide to buying and keeping fantail goldfish.

The tank is beautiful, too. We wonder how long the plants will last though. Goldfish love to eat them!

Anyway, enjoy the video.

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11 Responses to “Video of a very healthy fantail goldfish”

  1. we`ll my little sister`s goldfish is still breathing and we got it last night but he is floating to the top and mine and the baby one are fine. could my sisters goldfish dying ?

  2. he’s not dying (i think)! it’s because of when you got it Haley! if you got it in a bag, did you put the bag in the tank first? what kind is it? trust me i’ve had 3 goldfish and my class has 11 goldfish

  3. Sorry no one answered you, if still looking for answers maybe I can help

    1. Did you use a chemical to take out all the chlorine from the water when changing the water
    2. Do you have a filter for the tank
    3. Did you let the tank Cycle before adding the fish

  4. Hi I am a bad fish owner I will just admit it - I started using a hammer under the cabinet where our fish was located - I completely forgot she was there - I know its awful. She is now sitting on the bottom of the tank for about a week - she is eating and breathing but just not swimming. Will she get better?? Is she stressed - what can I do? I will try changing her water and I think I will get a new filter as the one I have seems to have given up the ghost the same time I used the hammer!

  5. hi i have a question. my goldfish is laying on her side and is still breathing. she tries every so often to get up to the food but just can not swim because she keeps leaning to one side and just falls back down to the bottom. please help me i love her!

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  7. Hi!!! I’ve been keeping goldfish for the past 6 years. Currently I have a fantail. The floating on the side or top or bottom could mean certain cases of the fish’s inability to float. It has something to do with your fish’s swimbladder which is the thing that helps make goldfish float. Change the bottom of your bowl, floor, ect… With freshwater salt. Immediate changes should be seen. Feed your fish peas. Two is the most you need. First, defrost them if needed, and then take off the peas outer shell. Give it to your fish. If not eaten right away, take it out and give it nothing else but the peas until the fish eats the peas. Before doing all of that, change and clean your water and bowl of bacteria. Hope this helped :)

  8. If you have had tour goldfish for a year and 2 months will they have babies thank you and please help me and my friend thank you

  9. If you have had your goldfish for a year and 2 months will they have babies thank you and please help me and my friend thank you

  10. I have 4 gold small fish in my tank.Today i saw a tiny disc shaped, transperent, black spotted organism swimming inside the tank and i removed it. when i saw the fishes i noticed some black hair like structures on them which takes away their beauty. I can see the same organism sticking to one goldfish’s tail. what are those hairs? will it cause any harm to my fishes ?

  11. I have a fan tail goldfish it acts pretty healthy but it has a spot on the outside of the left gill just above the opening it is clear and has no red spots anywhere but it seems to be affecting the balance. should I be concerned about this I am a new fish owner I bough a tank and some fish about 2 weeks ago. all but 2 of the fish have made it but I think after I have been researching that I had over crowed them.i have a 5 gal. tank and yes I now know that I need a bigger one just for the cali fantail but hopefuly it can survive a lil while longer in there I do 25% water change daily and feed in small amounts a few times a day I have a filter but no airhose. any advice is very appreciated

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