What do you need for the perfect goldfish aquarium?

What do you need for the perfect goldfish aquarium?

New fishkeepers are often shocked to discover that what’s stopping 30 gallons of water from spilling across their carpet is simply glass and glue, which is all that modern fishtanks are made out of.

Fear not, silicon glue is immensely strong, and compared to the old wrought-iron or putty-framed fishtanks of yesteryear a well-made all-glass aquarium is far less likely to leak. Acrylic (also known as ‘plastic’) tanks are even more robust, being fashioned out of one molded piece of material. They’re quite expensive compared to glass though, and they do tend to scratch rather easily.

What else do you need? Goldfish have been kept in little more than watertight vessels with gravel on the bottom for hundreds of years, so technically the answer is ‘nothing’. However there are various bits of equipment that will make keeping your goldfish healthy much easier.

Let’s consider what equipment you need for an ideal goldfish aquarium.

The fishtank

Get the biggest goldfish tank you can afford and fit comfortably into your house. Goldfish can grow quite big, and some varieties such as Common and Comet goldfish really like to swim, so they appreciate room to stretch their fins.

Just as importantly, coldwater fish like goldfish require lots of oxygen in the water, which means you can’t crowd too many into one aquarium. If your tank is too small, you’ll be limited to keeping just one or two fish. Frustrated, you may be tempted to add too many, which is where the problems start…

A tank of two-foot in length is the minimum size we recommend for goldfish, with a width of at least a foot. The tank can be as tall as you like, but keep in mind a taller tank doesn’t let you keep any more fish, as we explained in our How many goldfish can I keep? article. Tall aquariums do look pretty though.

If you can get a three- or four-foot long tank, so much the better. Your fish will be happier, and you’ll be able to keep a nice shoal of fish. One of the delights of goldfish is watching them interact, so we always like to have a few per aquarium if possible.

Air pumps and airstones

You can blow bubbles into your fishtank using a device known as an air pump. The effect is very attractive, and fish seem to prefer moving water. Most importantly though, such circulation increases how much oxygen your tank water holds, by moving old water to the top of the tank, and by creating ripples in the surface water that helps with oxygen exchange. Using a pump can therefore increase how many goldfish your tank can hold, although we generally prefer to stick to the normal levels and have an extra margin of safety. If you do keep more fish, be sure to leave your pump running 24 hours a day.

Aquarium filter

Filters aren’t strictly vital, but they do make keeping goldfish much more enjoyable. A good filter will keep the water clean by straining out particles, and it will also purify the water biologically, which removes the toxins created by the waste products and leftover food of your goldfish. For more information, read our article on the types of aquarium filter.


A bright lighting unit over the aquarium is a must. Not for growing plants (goldfish soon devour most of them, unfortunately) but to help you see your pets! Specially-made florescent tubes are ideal for our purposes, and come tweaked to show off the colours of your fish. Don’t be tempted to use ordinary units from the hardware store unless you really know what you’re doing; water and electricity is a deadly combination.

The aquarium substrate

Bare-bottom tanks look very unnatural, so you’ll want to put a layer of gravel or sand in your tank. Aquarium gravel comes in all shades and tones, and provided you buy it from a reputable store it’s really down to your personal taste what you use. We recommend small-sized natural coloured ‘pea’ gravel. It looks good, and it isn’t as likely to go ’stale’ as sand. Keep gravel to about an inch in depth, unless you’re using an undergravel filter.

Special bogwood, plastic plants, treasure chests and so on

Your fish store will have whole shelves devoted to decorations for your tank. Most cost more than the fish, and so many retailers dedicate more space to furnishings than to goldfish! Again, provided you’re buying your decorations from a decent shop, it’s down to you what you choose for your aquarium. Don’t put unknown stones or other objects into an aquarium, since they may introduce toxins that are harmful to your fish.

We’d suggest a few clumps of plastic plants and a smooth stone or two, together with a nice gnarled piece of waterlogged bogwood, but if you want your goldfish to live in a multi-coloured Disney World, don’t let us stop you. The fish won’t mind, but do be sure to leave enough room for them to swim about.


These aren’t required for indoor goldfish aquariums, and you should be highly suspicious of any retailer who tries to sell you one.

Please make sure you read our guide to setting up your goldfish tank to learn how to put all these items together. Your tank should be filled with water and up-and-running for a couple of weeks before it holds any fish, and you should build up to the maximum number of goldfish gradually.

Click here to learn more goldfish secrets!

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  1. LOL. My first tank was all blue marbles and purple plants. I think I even had a plastic diver in there that bobbed his head with air bubbles. I’m all about the naturistic look nowadays though.

    Nice site BTW.

  2. I have a 10 gallon aquarium tank set up with filter and water conditioner started today and ready to go, but how long should I wait until I can put fantail goldfish in the tank and how many should I put in? Also should I get air pumps for the the tank? Please reply to my request in this message. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.


  3. @Nicole, sorry for delayed response. You want to wait about a day or two before putting any goldfish in when starting a new tank. Then add more slowly. I’d suggest maybe one a week. For a 10 gallon aquarium, assuming it’s a normal size (so longer than it is high) you only want to keep 2-3 fancy goldfish. with an airpump operating 24 hours a day, you might stretch that to 3-4.

    But better to keep 3 happy fish than 4 unhappy ones. :)

  4. I have a 10 gallon aquarium and I was wondering…What are the smallest breed of goldfish and how many can I have in the tank without a air pump?

  5. A 10 G tank is not large enough for even a single goldfish. Long-bodied varieties grow to over a foot long and up to two feet long. Round-bodied varieties, while generally staying in the 6″ to 10″ range, can get much larger. The record holder, Bruce The Goldfish, is an Oranda that is currently 18″ long. Goldfish should live for 20 years or more… round-bodied varieties a little less due to the inbreeding that took place to create their fancy features… which also takes a toll on their internal features as well.

    If you have a 55G 4′ long tank, you could successfully keep two fancy goldfish for quite a while. Putting goldfish in undersized tanks will result in them being stunted which will lead to many health issues and ultimately, an early death.

    Lenny Vasbinder
    GoldLenny in forums

  6. I have a 5 gal tank and I just want to know how many common, regular goldfish I should keep in there?

  7. @Rachel - Lenny is on the money. A 5-gallon tank is too small for goldfish. You could keep a small one in there for a year or so, but ultimately you’ll want to provide a bigger home.

  8. how many goldfish would i be able to put into a 11L 14L and 21L tanks thankyou

  9. I’m currently setting up for my goldfish & I’m letting the water sit for a few days before putting the fish in (adding them slowly as recommended). What I’m concerned about is even the good pet stores keep a lot of fish in one tank, so the nitrate levels must be way higher than that in my new tank. Is this going to be a big shock for the new fish? Is there anything I should do to make the transfer easier for them?

  10. Every gallon of water can support 2.5 inches of goldfish. But if they are healthy, they grow quickly! About an in a year over their entire lifespan!

    Also, a good guide is: 1 fancy goldfish per 10 gal (makes for lonely fish!) and 20 gal for single-tailed varietys (commons, comets etc.)

  11. Gosh, I must’ve been asleep when I wrote that!!! What I meant was for every INCH of goldfish you need 2.5 GALLONS of water. I’m soooooo sorry!!!
    I hope noone crammed 25 inches of goldfish into a one-gallon tank on my advice!!! *sniff*

  12. I inadvertently asked this question under the category of filters (it was really late) So, in hopes of a response, here’s my Q again:

    OK I understand the fancy varieties grow large so they need a lot of room. How about the “feeder” variety. My son just wants to watch one swim around and I don’t have room for a 10 gal. tank. Would 2-3 of the little ones be OK?

  13. Quote “OK I understand the fancy varieties grow large so they need a lot of room. How about the “feeder” variety. My son just wants to watch one swim around and I don’t have room for a 10 gal. tank. Would 2-3 of the little ones be OK?

    Paula, the little feeder ones are the same as the big common goldfish. They are just babies. They will grow fast in the right conditions. In the wrong conditions they will die. So 2 or 3 would need a 30-40 gallon tank.

    Perhaps you should get your son a book on fishkeeping and then when you get a bigger place you can get a fishtank. That way you will educate him on proper care of animals rather than giving him a bad experience.

    There is also the possibility of getting a 5 gal tank and keeping 3 or 4 of the smaller tetras in there. You would need to have a filter and heater if you were to do this.

  14. I got a common little goldfish from the fair as a child and kept it in a 20 gallon tank. My mother told me that fish won at the fair usually didn’t live long and I could get another one when it died. needless to say I still have that fish and it’s the same size it was when I got it.

  15. i have 4 fantail goldfish in a 60ltr tank i have plants and gravel plus afilter ichange the filter pads as recommended but constantly have to clean the sides of algae any suggestions

  16. today i bought my kids their firs tank (5 gallon) with led lighting and 3 gold fishes. the guy at store told me it was okay to let them in the water on the same day. to our frustration (specially kids) seems like their dying. They swim for a while and they stop and turn upside down like when they are dead, what did we do wrong? Unfortunatelly I do not know anything about fishes but I would love to learn and for my kids to have their goldfishes healthy, Are they going to dye??!!

  17. @Naty :: I’m not an expert on goldfishes, but if you’d take a look at this quote from a recent post:

    ”What I meant was for every INCH of goldfish you need 2.5 GALLONS of water. ”

    Obviously 5 gallons would not be suitable room for 3 goldfishes. The first thing you should probably think about is getting a tank that’ll measure to those standards. :)

  18. How can I tell if the water in the tank is too hot for the goldfish? What is the ideal, or normal, temp for the summer months?

  19. I have a 12 gallon tank and just bought 7 goldfish. Just started to read on goldfish care. They are small goldfish about 1.5 - 2 inches long each. I don’t have an air pump just a filter. Am I ok for now or do I give away like 2-3 of my goldfish I just bought. Or do I get an air pump to help give the tank more oxygen?

  20. some guy at the fair gave me 6 goldfish on top of the 2 i won .so right now i imagine there sufficating in the lil bowl there in . i’ll get them all set up friday . but my question is whats the difference between the goldone silver ones and gold and white speckle ones ? do they have different assorted needs or is it all general care?

  21. You guys should hyperlink to your other articles wherever you mention them within an article. It would be much easier to navigate that way. :)

  22. ihave a 16 gallon aquarium with one fancy goldfish but iam planing to get more and a new filter is that a good idea?

  23. rigth now,i have no filter

  24. ihave a 16 gallon aquarium with 3 fancy goldfish

  25. Hi! My husband and I recently got two wonderful Shubuken goldfish! We did all the right stuff with setting up the tank, letting the water cycle, etc., but the tank temperature won’t go below 74 (it was 76-77 at its highest). We tried turning off the heater but it’s not cooling very quickly. Are we cooking our new fish?

  26. All your tanks seems gigantic to me. I only have a 10L aquarium and I’m happy with it. I got a real water plant about 2″ high, a filter with air pump, gravel and a little windmill as decor. I got 3 fish in it : a fantail(2″) and two orandas(1.5″). Do you think I’m over crowding them? From your articles here it seems like I’ve lined them up for death row! :(

  27. I have a fish room got carried away but will love it. A 60 gallon hexigon, 3 ten gallons, two five gallons, 1 gal and a 3 gallon. Have to go shopping to get fish. Can anyone tell me the best kinds? In the 60 gal with the wet dry filter system it sucked up the small goldfish. I would also like to breed them. Thank you, Paula in Palm Bay Florida

  28. hi thr,
    just wanted to know few things.. i got a 1 feet tall fish tank & kept 4 goldfish & 4 small small zebras in it.
    there is 1 oxygen pump,1 filter & 1 heater in it.
    is it ok for the goldfish to stay in 1 feet tank or should i go for 2 foot tank.
    please advise..

  29. hi thr,
    the site is really nice & helpful..
    just wanted to know few things.. i got a 1 feet tall fish tank & kept 4 goldfish & 4 small small zebras in it.
    there is 1 oxygen pump,1 filter & 1 heater in it.
    is it ok for the goldfish to stay in 1 feet tank or should i go for 2 foot tank. can u also tell what does 10 gallons mean & how big should the fish tank should be to keep 4 goldfish & 4 small zebras?
    please advise..

  30. hi thr,
    its been long..m waiting for a reply….
    no one has replied me yet..

  31. can you please advise whether we can keep goldfish & angel fish together??

  32. can you please advise whether we can keep goldfish & angel fish together in the same tank??

  33. i just bought a 29 gal tank and it running and doing it thing. not going to put any fish in for a week. i hate waiting lol.

    what i would like to know is i want to put goldfish in my tank and i would like to know how many is a good number. and can i put 1 Coi fish in the tank also.

  34. I’ve noticed that none of the recent posts have been replied to. here is a link to the British Animal Welfare Foundation website which includes lots of helpful information which should give you a good idea of what to look for in a tank with regards to everything from goldfish number, cleaning, accessories and feeding.
    I hope to help :)
    Have fun with your new fish :D

  35. Hello
    I’m a tropical keeper and was just browsing here to brush up on goldfish care to help a friend. I felt a need to comment to the folks who say they don’t have room for a 10 gallon aquarium.
    It’s been my experience that the average person who doesn’t know aquariums tend to think a 10 gallon aquarium is huge and expensive. :) The fact is they are only 20 inches long and about 10 inches front to back. Anyone can find room for a 10 gallon. If you’re not one to judge length well in your mind just get a tape measure and look for yourself. It’s not big! Really. I bet most of you could find several places to fit a 10 gallon aquarium in your room.
    To save on costs check your local used ads or Craigslist.You can often get them for a few dollars or even free, especially if you live in a larger town or city.

  36. Rhea, it is not recommended to keep angelfish and goldfish together. They have very different needs, the most important difference in this case is that goldfish require cool water temperatures and in most climates would not require a heater. Angelfish and other tropicals need higher temps and usually do require heated aquariums.
    Keeping goldfish in too high of temperatures may be fine for a brief time but it’s very bad for their long term health.

  37. I have five Orandas right now and I have them in a 20 gallon tank (I know this isn’t good), however I have just set up a new 55 gallon tank for them and it’s been up and running for almost two days. I have added the neccessary chemicals, ect. to it and have also added a baterial supplement to jump start the tank. I have never used that before but I am in a hurry to get my Orandas relocated into their bigger home. How long should I wait before putting them in their new home? Also, for those panicing about them being in such a small tank? I have two filter systems running in there and I do frequent water changes to make sure the PH, Nitrates and Ammonia levels are within normal range for them. I am just not sure when to put them in their new tank as I have asked and so many people tell me different things.

  38. This is to Allie, I got a 55g too. Please don’t be in a hurry to get the fish in your new big tank. The 55g takes a few more days to get established. You could be sorry if you move them to fast. This is what I did wrong. I would leave the air pump and water pump running for at lest 4 days.
    If I am wrong, please post correct answer.
    I have a 55g, two 30g, 20g, and two 10g, tanks running. The 10g tanks are only for hospital tanks, or possibly if I bought a new baby Fancy tail.
    I have a 8 inch Black Moor that is 5 years old, and he was the one I put in the new 55g two days after I set it up. The next day he was not good. I thought I was going to lose him. He had white or gray stuff all over his upper body. I think it was (Fungus)I got Maracyn meds for him. He has been in the hospital tank this week. The stuff is all off of him now, and he is looking good. I am finishing the meds for the 5 days. He has always been good at eating his food so that was a plus for him getting better.

  39. This is to Tracy with the 29g tank. If you put a Coi fish in your tank? What would the other fish be that you want? Fancy fins are graceful and slow swimmers. If Fancy fins are what you want, I would not put a Coi with them.
    With the 29g tank, and the fish are about 2.5 inches only 4 fish; as they get bigger you would need to move two of them to a second 29g tank. It would just be to crowded for all of them to stay in the same tank.

  40. WOW! I am really an avid fun of goldfishes, especially the ORANDA and RANCHU…they really looks so cute..haha, but I have fantail in my aquarium, sounds really querulous why I don’t have those mentioned oranda and ranchu, it is because I find quit hard to raise those variety. I tried many Times but they always got sick and died… why is it so?

  41. Hello, I just started my first tank 30 gal hex,I have 2 fancy goldfish 1 playco and 2 small snails, pump and 6″air stone,3 live plants, my question is .. my fish are either fighting or kanoodling how do you tell the difference I see no wounds and it really dose’nt seem mean in fact its kind of a dance,but they do bump and rub on one another looks kind of hard. Help! One is kind of a bronze color with a four corner tail the other is orange and whit three corner tail if that helps both purchased out of the same tank.

  42. To Rita If it is the two goldfish it may be male and female and they might be mating or trying to mate.

  43. How many common goldfish can i put in a 10 gallon aquarium?
    I have 8 small common ones but i wonder if its too much. They do produce too much waste. But i can handle it. I don’t use any decorations. I have colorful rocks, and a small bamboo. The aquarium is filtered, not heated. it is indoors. So i just need to know if 8 goldfish is okay. Thanks

  44. people say that having plecos in goldfish tanks is a bad idea. They say that plecos suck on the goldfish’s scales. I was thinking of getting one?

  45. Oh my…Oh my…Oh my…..Where to start? (In response to some of the above questions.)

    First, never ever buy and/or keep koi as a ‘tank’ fish. Koi get hugh, 30 to 36 inches long and as big around as a football. Koi are strickly ‘pond’ fish. Because they are part of the carp family, their growth will not be restricked by the water capacity of their tank. I have have a friend with a koi pond and ‘Hoover’, a fan tail koi is over 4 feet long. His mouth is big enough that he can play fetch with a tennis ball.

    Second, no, a 10-gallon tank is not big enough for even one standard or commet(single tale varity) gold fish. I know it is hard to imagine that that little 2 1/2 or 3 inch gold fish will get big enough that it won’t even be able to turn around in a 10-gallon tank, BUT IT WILL. And although fancy tailed gold fish may not get as large, it will get big enough that it won’t have adequate space to swim. And the future size has nothing to do with the fact that you would not be able to keep the water quality as good as it would need to be for the fish to even live long enough to out grow the tank. I have only 3 gold fish in a 46-gallon bow front tank. Yes it seemed like overkill when I put those little 3 inch fish in there by them selves in all that water, but now 6 years later they are still alive and about 5 1/2 to 6 inches long and just gorgeous.

    Third, have patience in adding fish to a new tank and with watching that little fish grow into a large fish. With the time that is necessary to cycle a new tank. When I got my Moors I didn’t put the first one in for 5 days after I started up the tank. Starting the biological filter or cycling a new tank takes time. It took one month for the cycle to peak and seatle back down in my 46-gallon tank before I added the second Moor Gold Fish and another month before I added the Vail Tail Gold Fish. The point is start slowly, giving you tank time to cycle and don’t overload the cycle by adding to many fish to fast.

    Forth, Yes, 5,6 or 8 gold fish in 10-gallon tank is way to many. I would give away or get rid of all but maybe 4 and accept the fact that within the next year you will need to get a larger tank set up to them.

    Fifth, Yes you need a good filter. Gold fish are or can be dirty fish. They produce alot of waste so you need a filter that will turn over enough water to 5 or 6 times the amount of water in the tank. Example: 20 gallon tank needs a filter with a GPH (gallons per hour) rate of 100 to 120 gallons per hour.
    I have a filter with a 250 GPH rating on my 46-gallon tank. And since gold fish don’t like a strong current you need to find a way to decrease that strong current when the water is returned to the tank. I have the filter hanging on the back of the tank slightly closer to one end and aim the water return nozzle towards the nearest end of the tank to brake up the current. And no, you don’t need a heater.

    Sixth, as pointer out in artical above that we are all responding to, unless you have a few years of experience with gold fish, it would be unwise to put any non-gold fish in with your gold fish. For that matter it is not a good idea to mix standard or commet gold fish with fancy gold fish. One reason being that standard gold fish are stronger swimmers than fancy gold fish and can get to the food faster and push and bully the fancy gold fish away from it and make them starve.

    Good luck to all and enjoy your gold fish.

  46. hi i am klara with a 37 gallon tank.
    i started my tank in may and put gold fish in rightaway. all i got a littlebit cloudy water. slowly i got all the fish i have now, and it is 7.
    i call them a magnificent 7. they all unique, named, and i had non die. they seam healthy and happy , but i do a water change and bottom vacuming almost every day.
    still i wish for a sparkly clean water but i guess i have to many fish, but I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

  47. my aquarium tank is 15 galons..how many gold fish require?

  48. @ryan:: I think that a 15 gallon tank is the bare minimum for 1 small goldfish, so if you put a good amount of work into the tank, it will be about enough. Just keep it clean and if the fish doesn’t seem happy, you might want yo upgrade to a larger tank.

  49. What you need for a perfect goldfish aquarium is “knowledge”. Before entering into any new hobby a person should do all the research they can to be successful at it. Learn all about fish diseases, treatments, and what filters works the best. People should always have back up equipment in case of defective, malfunctioning equipment as well as fish medication in case of goldfish diseases or parasites. The key to a successful aquarium hobby is through learning. Best of luck to everyone.


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

  50. hi, I’ve bought a 17 litre fish tank, a one from pets at home. Toy story, was wondering if at all a need to keep my filter air pump on 24/7 as it all in one?. I also have a air stone but not using it with that new filter a got. Do I need to keep the light on as well and how long? also how many gold fish could I have and what size? All answers would be appreciated thanx.

  51. i bought a medium sized red cap gold fish. at that time the reddish colour of the cap was very deep. but after three to four months it tended to orange colour. i couldn’t find out the reason after it. so please help me to sought out the matter.

  52. I have a 5 gallon tank. What kind of fish do you recommend me putting in there?

  53. Hey I have a 30 gOllan tank with two common(one is bout four in. long) a black moor(4in.)and pleco (4in) it. I also have a ten gallon with two baby common and another baby black moor waiting to be put into the 30gallon tank!!! I was wondering once the babies get big enough will all 7 of the fish be too much in my 30 tank?????

  54. I bought a 60l tank and I’m not sure how many comet goldfishes I should put in the tank. oh also how do u tell the difference between a male and a female.

  55. My son has a new 40litre tank and I wondered how many goldfish he could put into it?

  56. thanks so much for this info xoxo me bailey

  57. i have a 26 gallon tank and right know i have two gold fish. one is a commet and a fantail. i would like to get two more would that be suitable.

  58. I have learned something from experiance and from this site. Don’t take the word of chain pet employees! I had a five gal. tank and was told could easily put 3 goldfish in…..yes two died before I figured one was enough. I talked to an employee who seemed knowledgeable. I was told a 10 gal. tank would last that fish a long time. I am glad I visited some web sites. I know that I really needed a bigger tank. I think this will be an only fish and I am sad because I wanted to put in another fish. My budget made upgrading something I had to plan for costs….it will be awhile until I get a much larger tank. I would have rather waited longer and gotten the huge tank later. However, Calico is looking forward to that new tank next to the old one and stretch her self out for a nice swim. I appreciate all I learned here.

  59. Help, please! I’ve inherited a common goldfish from a coworker, at least three years old (the fish ;)). It’s in a 2×1 tank with a leaking back-hanging-type filter, and a heater that looks like a stick hanging in the water. I read here that heaters aren’t needed - are they harmful, and what if the fish is USED to the heater? I live in Santa Cruz, and it can get cold in the unheated office! Also, does he need a friend after all this time alone? Also, he’s been without a light - would he like the light? My goal is his happiness, not so much aesthetics! I’m willing to start fresh with everything he has. I need to go shop this weekend, because I’ve turned off the leaking filter. One last question: If no one feeds him on the weekends, is that okay? Should I feed him more on Fridays???
    THANK YOU!!!!

  60. could anyone suggest me how many goldfish can i accomodate in a 23 gallon fish tank.?

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  63. Hi, I have a 175 litre corner aqauaium for my goldfish of which we have two fantails, 2 black moors & 2 chocoale goldfish, do i need to get them a bigger tank? current tank has cannister filter and under gravel filters systems in place with two air stones.

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  65. Hi. I need an approxamate-absolute timeline on how long I have to wait while my tank filters and cycles before I can put a Ryukin goldfish along with some “wakers” ((?) totally forgot what they are really called so I’m not sure if that’s the name of these goldfish. Sorry). please help! I want to get them all set up in the tank ASAP!!!!

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  67. What if.my.fantail goldfish is gulping.for air because they arent supposeto because.they will get a disease..

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  72. hi I buying one baby fantail calico yesterday for my 1 gallon aquarium with air water pump and filter and my fish tank have a light on top is this ok for one fish?

  73. Hi, I have 2 black Moore goldfish in a 20 gallon tank, they have been happy and healthy for over 8 months, I would like to know if it’s possible to guesstimate their age by their size? Their bodies tail not included are about 1½” long. Thank you!

  74. So I really have no clue on fish and well I bought I total of 15 gold fish. 5 large gold fish and the rest common gold fish .and well I have them in a 3 gallon tank Lol .so yeah idk what should I do .and don’t have the room to buy a bigger tank .are all my gold fish gonna die

  75. Common goldfish (feeders) and comet goldfish (like commons but with long tails) grow to around 15 inches in length (sometimes longer if they get very old).
    Fancies (the egg shaped ones that ‘waddle’ rather than swim) grow up to 8 inches (some can get larger but it is rare).
    For proper swimming space It is recommended to have a tank at least 6 times as long as the ADULT length of the fish you wish to keep.
    That means for a common / comet you need a 7.5 foot long tank!
    For a fancy you ideally need a 4 foot tank - but since fancies do not swim very well you can get away with 3 foot tanks instead.

    I unfortunately didn’t know this when I got a goldfish at the fair 9 years ago - I put him in a 5 gallon intending to move him to a larger tank when he grew. I moved a few months later to another country and left the fish with my mother. She diligently carried out water changes for me but didn’t upgrade the tank. The fish (a comet) became stunted and is now only 5 inches long. I’ve since come back and put the goldfish in a larger tank but he hasn’t grown at all in the last 5 years so I suppose the damage has already been done. :(

    I don’t recommend keeping goldfish in tanks too small for them - stunting causes internal damage by compressing the organs into a smaller space than is normal. The organs of the fish keep growing and eventually the fish dies of organ failure - a horrible painful death :(

    If you want small goldfish, consider getting gold barbs instead - they look just like common goldfish but stay under 3 inches long. You should keep a small shoal of them (at least 5) and they can be kept in a 15 gallon as long as its 2 foot or more in length. They don’t need a heater provided your house never drops below 18 degrees celcius as they are a sub tropical species and live in cooler climates than most tropical fish.

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  77. Hi, I love animals but I am only twelve so I can’t afford large animals. The common goldfish was in my price range though, so I bought it and it started in a fish bowl, but I found this to small so I moved it to a ten gallon. I just got a 35 gallon for my b-day but it is really tall and not so long so how many goldfish could I fit in it(I have one in my ten gallon right now). Please respond:) Thanks!

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  99. “Get the biggest tank you can afford” is great advice. Too many keepers just want the bare minimum and want to cram in as many fish as possible into it. And sometimes more than as many as possible. I know I did that when I first started out, and it was a big mistake. I lost all of my fish due to overcrowding them, that caused huge ammonia spikes and issues with aggression.

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