Symptoms of a sick goldfish

Symptoms of a sick goldfish

Observe your goldfish regularly, and look out for any change in their appearance or behaviour that could indicate disease. If your fish is hiding on the bottom or not eating, it may be an early warning sign that something is amiss.

Healthy Common and Fancy goldfish both take a lot of interest in their surroundings, particularly when young.

Physical physical symptoms of a sick goldfish:

  • Fluffy growths on the goldfish
  • Small white spots on its body
  • Bloating or engorged body
  • Raised scales
  • Enflamed, red gills
  • Rapid breathing, indicated by fast-flickering gills
  • Rotting or decaying fins or tail
  • Extruding eyes (not to be mistaken for the naturally bulbous eyes of Bubble-Eyed goldfish)
  • Any red ‘bleeding’ on the goldfish’s body

Changes in behaviour can also be a symptom of disease. Look out for:

  • Listless floating or lethargy
  • Lurking on the bottom
  • Goldfish hiding in the corner or underneath aquarium decorations
  • Not eating. Goldfish love to eat, so if your goldfish is not eating it’s the first sign something is amiss.

These behavioural symptoms of disease aren’t as surefire as physical symptoms of a sick goldfish. Your fish might not be unwell (yet) but if it is acting oddly then something is probably wrong.

Have you forgotten to change the water recently, or is your filter overdue a clean? Could some pollutant have gotten into the aquarium? If only one goldfish is acting strangely, watch carefully to see if it’s being bullied by any other fish tank inhabitants.

You can mostly cure goldfish disease if you catch it early enough – ideally before too many physical symptoms become apparent. Watch your pets carefully, and you’ll be more likely to determine what is making your goldfish sick.

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  1. My gold fish is sitting on the bottom of the tank listlessly and not eating.what can i do any suggestions please

  2. My goldfish is not eating well. I checked everything water filter there is nothing wrong with aquarium.
    He is taking food in his mouth and thn spitting it back what to do any advice

  3. I have now currently got three fantail fish I just bought one of them on last Saturday… Since I got a new fantail fish one of my other fish is hiding it’s self in the right top hand corner…Does anyone may know what’s wrong with it?

  4. is my normal goildfish sick because first when we got him he was orange and white but now he has redish spots on him and his bake fins are like two tringals both of them were normal now there like strips like ripped and theres a dotted line goin down the middle of him/her on both sides and keeps going back and forth between at the bottem of the tank and the top and is still eating but not as much we have had him for almost 4 years now and we got him from the fair plz help me i love him/her so much tell if theres anything i could do to help him/her

  5. and also he/her has black dots on is eyes

  6. and he has black dots on his eyes help me plz

  7. nevermind he died

  8. First of all, Hunter I’m so sorry about your fish. BUT,the way I see it is if we don’t pay any money, (I know this sounds bad but…)even if it was Mother Teresa of Calcutta nobody will give us there knowledge. $$$$$$$$$ Again I’m so sorry ’bout your fish. Mine is a little over 4yrs, not sure male/female. Only know the other fish wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for HER. I moved her to smaller tank, she has lost her scales, both sides & I can see a cotton-ee-(whatever)-substance floating about on her sides. Now Hunter tried to get some help over a 3wk period & his fish died. Hello, is anybody there? Is this America or the Philippines.

  9. My gold fish was black but looks a different colour now it keeps running into the walls and when tries to go to the top it just goes up side down

  10. hi,so yea my goldfish named Wanda is like loseing her goldness on her skin when i first got her like 2-3 years ago she has all gold skin colour and she had abit of silver underneath her but now she is loseing the gold and now turning silver.

    im getting worried so
    any opinions?

  11. Hi ,I have a yellow comet that’s pretty big he was,doing good then I started to spot little black dots forming on him.He is laying on the bottom of the tank side ways but when a fish approaches him or I go near the tank he will start to swim.Mt tank is some what cloudy could that be the problem?The other fish seem.fine.

  12. I have a goldfish that just floats now for 3 days … I think he is blind… he definately is Not acting Normal at all.
    It is OBVIOUS NO ONE ANSWERS any of our concerns on here!
    That is Sad! We are looking for help on a site that does not care to be monitored or be helpful.

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