Symptoms of a sick goldfish

Symptoms of a sick goldfish

Observe your goldfish regularly, and look out for any change in their appearance or behaviour that could indicate disease. If your fish is hiding on the bottom or not eating, it may be an early warning sign that something is amiss.

Healthy Common and Fancy goldfish both take a lot of interest in their surroundings, particularly when young.

Physical physical symptoms of a sick goldfish:

  • Fluffy growths on the goldfish
  • Small white spots on its body
  • Bloating or engorged body
  • Raised scales
  • Enflamed, red gills
  • Rapid breathing, indicated by fast-flickering gills
  • Rotting or decaying fins or tail
  • Extruding eyes (not to be mistaken for the naturally bulbous eyes of Bubble-Eyed goldfish)
  • Any red ‘bleeding’ on the goldfish’s body

Changes in behaviour can also be a symptom of disease. Look out for:

  • Listless floating or lethargy
  • Lurking on the bottom
  • Goldfish hiding in the corner or underneath aquarium decorations
  • Not eating. Goldfish love to eat, so if your goldfish is not eating it’s the first sign something is amiss.

These behavioural symptoms of disease aren’t as surefire as physical symptoms of a sick goldfish. Your fish might not be unwell (yet) but if it is acting oddly then something is probably wrong.

Have you forgotten to change the water recently, or is your filter overdue a clean? Could some pollutant have gotten into the aquarium? If only one goldfish is acting strangely, watch carefully to see if it’s being bullied by any other fish tank inhabitants.

You can mostly cure goldfish disease if you catch it early enough - ideally before too many physical symptoms become apparent. Watch your pets carefully, and you’ll be more likely to determine what is making your goldfish sick.

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  1. i have a golfish on the bottom floating upside down it’s still moving its gills,slowly , and it seems bloated, but it has always been large. it is in a tank with one other large goldfish, which is fine. can I save it? how /

  2. My goldfish always lie horizontal on the surface of the water is there anything I can do to help him? Please give me a guide!

  3. My goldfish is hanging around at the bottom of the tank. Hasn’t eaten in three days, and he is normally a chow hound. He is gasping and spasming. I wonder if he will last much longer. The tank is clean, the filter has been replaced, but I haven’t changed the bio wheel in several months. Ammonia is good.

    Any advice?

  4. With all diseases, the first thing to make sure is that the aquarium water is in good condition, and that all the parameters are healthy. A big water change (conditioning the water against chlorine) is a good start, and make sure the filters are clean and healthy.

    Next make sure you haven’t over-stocked the aquarium. If you have, you’ll keep getting diseases, which you can fight off forever.

    For specific disease diagnosis, please see my post here:

    I’m unfortunately not able to check this site on a regular basis, but other readers are welcome to help answer queries if they’ve got the knowledge. :)

  5. i have a koi and on top of both fins there is black spots and its swimming in crils and on it side and bum in the wall.then sometime go strate but still bum inthe wall

  6. i have a big fantail goldfish and its eyes r getin black around them

  7. one of my goldfish has all of his fins put away next to him and he’s only using his very front two fins. Is this a sign that he’s sick or is that normal?


  8. my goldfish does nothing but hide at the bottom of his tank, he only comes up to the surface to eat once a day. he doesnt look unhealthy, but he doesnt eat much, and is a bit thin. is he ok?

  9. hi ,

    i have two oranda goldfish and one red cap fish. my orandas are behaving very abnormally, they are either swimmimg at corner of the tank or lie on the surface of the tank. they are also not eating properly. any suggestion. Is there any diseases they are suffering from. Please advice.

  10. I have two fancy goldfish, I have only had them for 1 week. They live in a 20 gallon tank, I haven’t put any plants or other things besides rock in the tank. I feed them sinkable food and some peas. I just noticed that one of them is swimming upside down and the other is loosing his tail. Could you please help me, I really like these fish and I would like to save them. Mahalo, Kamailei

  11. I had a very large goldfish that became very bloated and started tipping upside down. I found out that he was constipated and I started giving him shelled cooked peas out of the can. It worked.

  12. my goldfish is lurking around on the floor and not eating it also is rapidly breathing. Whats wrong??

  13. my black big eyes goldfish have got red eye, what should I do about it? do I need to buy treatment or just leave it alone? it doesn’t seem to bother my goldfish.

  14. Hi

    I have the same problem that Milly asked about. What can I do to fix the problem? My goldfish hasn’t eaten for about a week and stays at the bottom of the bowl, also gasping for air every now and again.

  15. I have about 10 med. sized gold fish but 1 named dorey always swims upside down she used 2 do it only sometime now she is always at the bottom of the tank usually upside she eats but after that she goes back 2 the bottom is she sick?

  16. I have a question, I have two goldfish (the standard kind) in a good sized tank with a filter. When I got them in jan this year they were both the same size.
    I have noticed in the last few weeks that one of them is half the size of it’s friend.
    I have been feeding them flakes everyother day as always and they both eat well.

    I noticed today that when the little one eats the food comes out of one of her gills as fast as shes eatting.

    Anyone know why? They are my 3year olds fish and she loves them, if I can do anything to help little goldie-mel I will.
    Thanks x

  17. Hi guys.
    i just bot a new goldfish.its quite just sits at the bottom of the tank.when i feed it flakes it takes in the mouth and then spits it back out.but its breathing normal.just lies at the bottom motionless.i have a red Ryukin n a fantail who eats like ….as u guys knw..hehe.but the new one just sits….not bullied either.only moves if i get close to the tank.

  18. I went on vacation and left my fish at my cousin’s house so he could take care of them. After 9 days I came back to take them and i saw they had black spots on one of them I have 2 goldfish but the other one is just fine. I took out 40 percent of the water and cleaned the tank but don’t know what to do next. Will my fish be okay? I read on a couple of websites that it’s a sign of healing. Is that true? Please help i don’t know what to do and i don’t want it to die.

    Thanks, Ruddie Canile

  19. My goldfish used to come to the edge of the pond to be fed.One morning I had a job to find any,one large one had lept out of the pond,the others hide, and their numbers are getting smaller,several have disappeared altogether.

  20. Sorry to have to inform you Norman,


    Sounds like you have ninja fish and not goldfish..

    I mean seriously cant you see they were trained in the art of deception..

    Dont be surprised if you discover a few left over bandannas in the pond..these guys are sneaky..

    P.S. maybe they committed suicide,,might need to look around the pond.

    Good Luck…


  21. Great post! The best form of defence against goldfish diseases and illnesses is through observation and regular maintenance. really get to know your goldfish and how they act and take action to correct things right away. This may just save the life of your goldfish.

  22. My goldfish is lying at the bottom of the tank and rapid breathing. His gills are raised too. We just got him yesterday (Tuesday) and he hasn’t ate anything. If someone can help me please do! Thank You!

  23. my gold fish has this massive string of poo its like 10 times longer than it i need help

  24. hey my black goldfish doesnt look very well. this tips of his tail and fins are white looking now and his eyes look a little bit like they have white glaze, it seems to be swiming around fine but he hasnt been eating for like 2 days, what can i do to save it!

  25. My oranda fish is having trouble swimming, i woke up and looked at him and he was hidden in the bottom of the tank and wouldn’t move, “almost looked dead.” i fed him but he didn’t seem interested in the food. then later on he started moving to the top of the tank, and now he just floats at the top on his side. im really worried about him, and i have no idea what i should do?

  26. If your fish looks bloated and is floating at the top of the water (and it is still alive) and has been for some time, it means that your fish flakes (goldfish food) has too much air in them. Try changingthe food to food pellets. See if there is any change.

  27. I had got goldfish and shdbucins i did have a ranchut and a black moor but they both died ? consipation i think or swim bladder i try’d pea, soaking food in oil and solution but they still died? i came home today to have one of my other fish dies to but this time it covered in blood ? Are my other fish bulling the other? i didnt have shbukins before there fairly newish! but i did have gold fish black moor and ranchut!!!

  28. My goldfish is lying horizontally on the top of the water, it keeps getting trapped behind the filter but i moved it. It hasnt been eating for about a week and it is still breathing and twitching every minute or so. I have another goldfish which is healthy though. Whats wrong with my fish?

  29. hi
    i had got 2 gold fish a month back,both of them r fine but,from last 2 days ,,some red colourings r seen on one of its body,is this a symptom of any disease,both of them r taking food properly,,please advice me.


  30. My fish’s scales were rotting, they had fungus all over them, they also had ick, and they swam awkwardly. It turns out I just added some medicine, and the next morning they were fine. Is this normal?

  31. I have a 5 year old fantail, who shares a tank with another 4 year old. They have just spawned. However following this (3rd spawning), the 5 year old hid on the bottom of the tank, the other in a plant.The 4 year old is fine. However the 5 year old on day 2 has red veined pelvic fins, what looks like a bloodshot bruise under the dorsal fin. This has developed into further deterioration over the last 3 days- gasping at the surface, extruding eyes, off all food even live food- which is completely unheard of, excretia dark red/brown. We are treating with melafix, salts and have taken the active charcoal out. Water quality tested- all fine. Any advice please. On previous chasing patterns we think the poorly fish is a gent.

  32. Hi Georgia
    my goldfish is behaving same since yesterday..Did you found out
    the reason or any cure?? i am really worried..It seems almost dead :( Please help!!

  33. my fish is huge and 3 years old at least 1 time a tear he gets real sick almost dead sick n i always with over the counter meds healed him back into great shape!!this byear for about 2 weeks he has had a white foam growth that wont quit growing.also 2 little red sores.i have him in hospt.tank,and for the last week been on melafix antibacterial fiush remendy.once or twice i thought he was getting better than it gets worse,i also change water daily and have hosepump with airstone in .what does he have?can we cure him?

  34. I have 2 gold fish that me and my boyfriend of 3 years won at a carnival. they have been doing great and we have had them for 3 months. then a few days ago we starting noticing that one of are goldfish has not been acting right, its usually very active. the one fish all the sudden became very puffy and it will swim to the top of the tank then float down to the bottom and bounce off the bottom and stay there for hours. i dont know what is going on?

  35. I have 4 goldfish and they have been doing great. All of sudden a few days ago, one of them started getting this thin blackness around his top lip (sort of like a mustache). He acts fine and everything and he’s the only one who has it. Is my fish ok?

  36. I have three standard goldfish that share a tank with an algee cleaner and two other fish that are colorful( no idea what they’re called). About two months ago, we had a goldfish in the same tank and it grew red spots on its nose. They wore off but he died only days later. Now my 2&3 year old fish are getting the same spots. They seem fine, but the red spots are probably putting them in excrutiating pain. We feed them fish-flakes and pellets, and clean there tank about every 2 or 3 months. Funny thing is, it has only occured on my oldest of goldfish. Is it supposed to be like this? I NEED ANSWERS!!! CAN ANYONE HELP?!?!

    ~Amanda Herget

  37. I found out that my mom has been pouring Melafix into the water of the fish tank. She said it is supposed to relieve there pain and fix there problem.Goldfish Care, do you think that it will help?

  38. Hi.
    Uh, my fish isn’t eating well. It does try to eat and it swims to the food when I give some, but it can’t eat the food very well. It normally just sucks in the flakes I give it, but it doesn’t seem to be able to do that now. Is it possibly because it’s eaten too much and its stomach is backed up or something? It’s a rather small fish, so I may have been overfeeding it. And I haven’t given it anything other than flakes for a month or two.

  39. Hi,
    I have 6 goldfish in a clean , well cared for tank. They have suddenly began to congregate in the far back corner of the tank. their behavior is skittish and they don’t want to eat at all. This behavior started 3 days ago. They seem to want to hide in a group in that back corner all the time. What could possibly be causing this type of behavior?
    Thank You
    Ps- tank size- about 30 gallon. I seem to always be cleaning the filters like every 4 days. If I don’t , it really starts to stink. I also change about 10 gallons of water every two weeks with fresh well water.

  40. Ed Mc Brearty said:
    Dec 6th, 2010 at 8:43 am

    in reply

    That means one of your fish is more than likely “bullying” the other fish we are currently having that problem.. check the fish for red spots and fins missing or damaged.

  41. My 1 yrs old carp fallen ill a couple of days ago, have noticed the fins are decaying and it’s sinking and floating also it’s face down in the corner of the tank. What could this be and is there a chance it could be saved?

  42. Hello,

    I have a 5 gallon tank and 2 fantails the larger fantail(bubbles) recently got what looked like a blod clot on his tail with a very distinguished vein running to it, it didnt seem to bother him, but now i have noticed that his tail is sorta separating and it looks like the blood clot has burst…his tail looks awful and i really want to help him…I keep the tank pretty clean and change the filter reguarly …does anyone have any advice? please email me at thank you!

  43. I have two fantails one is black and bulgy eyed and the other is orange and white. I’ve had them for about two and a bit months and they arent in a tank with a filter but they have a bubble blowing thing that is attached to a pipe wichcomes out of the tank and attached to a box thig with is plugged in the wall. I try to change the water once a week but it get greenish after a day. Should I be changing it more often because I’ve noticed that they are both really still in the water and their fins are hanging besides them and they only move after a few seconds . I’m not used to having fish and I’m not sure wats going on. pLEASE help!!

  44. Hi i was wondering if any one might know whats wrong with my gold fish if shes going to lay eggs or if shes sick .but she dont look or act sick .so i have 10 gold fishes and they are from 4 - 8 years old and they are all healthy well they look and act healthy . well my point here is my white gold fish has a big belly but she swims fine and eats fine aswell with the other fish but it some times lays on a rock or swims around that i dont know whats wrong?

  45. Hi there i have a fan tailed gold fish .It is very bloted and is now swimming up side down ,It does right itself when swimming around but as soon as it stops if flips back up side down .can you help .

  46. Hi! i won a goldfish from a fair and i know they usually dont last long but my cousin won a fish once that lasted 3 years! i got a tank for mine about 1 gallon but that is for a starter plus my fish is very small. My fish has white dots but that was from the second i got him. Also my fish doesnt really eat he attempts but then stops and always in the corner maybe sometimes, but rarely swims to the bottom. I would just like to know what to do i would really appericate if someone answered.

  47. My red-cap goldfish dont seem very well and is sitting at the bottom of our 4 gallon pond and if you look in he moves but his fins are clamped and he is not moving at all, its as if he’s dead please HELP! weve only had him 3 weeks. And hes eaten loads. answers we’ll be aprecciated thanks.

  48. Hi .

    Need some advise here …
    My Fantail Goldfish seems hiding underneath and lurking around the aquarium since few days ago.
    I’ve fed him regularly but it seems he hasn’t ate anything and lose his appetite.
    I need suggestion and advise on how to treat this !!!
    HELP !!! Can anyone help me ?
    Thank you ~

  49. My gold fish has listless floating. Just 2 days back I bought it. Please help . I love them very much.I took out half the water from the bowl hoping that increase in depth is causing a problem to them. out of 2 one is fine.

  50. My fantail goldfish is at the bottom of the tank and only goes up for food when i leave the room. Recently the other 1 died of ammonia and swim bladder disordeer… Is it going to die soon??? Help!!!

  51. My gold fish is always standing up side down or it goes between the filter. If any one can Please advice or help me out in this situation,most urgent my email id is there too.

  52. i have 2 goldfish , one of them is very active other isnt , the other is now nt responding at all and not eating , i seperated the two but now the other one goes to the bottom and sits , earlier it ws very active

  53. One of my three fish has been lurking at the bottom of the tank breathing rapidly all day and isn’t eating. my fish are about a week old and the other too fish are fine but this one fish looks sick he might be consipated but im not sure because he also has all the symptoms for chilodonella but im not sure if he has that because it sound like it would make the other fish sick too and i really dont want him to die. he jsut started moving again but is still breathing rapidly. whats wrong with him?

  54. i have six goldfish. one is on its side at the bottom of the tank not breathing and not moving and the other is rappidly breathing at the bottom next to it. another one of my fish have two red eyes. and one is floating at the top but still is quite normal. i clean the water and filter every 2 weeks. everything is fine exept some of my fish!……….. so please i dont want them to die!

  55. My gold fish is sitting on the bottem of the tank and its having trouble swimming I feel that something is wrong with it but I seem to not know what it is I need help

  56. i brought a goldfish and bowl 2 days back. On the 1st day it ate wel.. Later then its nt eating any food am regularly change 50% of water mrng and evening. I even puttd orange to make it eat.. But it is actively swimming no physcal symtoms of infectn on it. Its 1.5 inch fish in 600ml glas blow. It was been gift. I dnt want to kil it. I want it to be with me life lng. If it survided for 2 more mnth na. I wil get a bigger tank wil equpiments requird..

  57. My gold fish keep dying….I have a brand new tank like 2 weeks old fiter is clean everything is clean. I got a 20 gallon tank and now 2 of my gold fish have white fluffy stuff on them an comming out of there gils…I put liquid fungus cure in the tank will, it save them??

  58. one of my gold fish just died the other one is lazy and is not eating what can i do to fix this please help please

  59. One of my goldfish is swimming good and that but he has a white spot on him what to do?

  60. Hey my gold fish has been swimming at the top of the water.he was supposed to grow up to six far iv had him for at least two months and he hasn’t grown at all.a few minutes ago he flipped side ways .he’s a trooper.he kida only floats in the corner. A few days ago I cleaned out his tank.what should I do?

  61. my goldfidh has a verey wied thing with it’s mouth i’m so worried and then i fed it so it went back to normal but it did befor i fed the fish but wat if it happens again

  62. Hi,
    I got a goldfish a few days ago, but he is staying at the bottom of the bowl I put him in (Which holds 1 gallon of water) and not eating. I don’t have a filter, and I just cleaned the bowl a while ago. Also, he is the only goldfish in the tank, so it can’t be that he is bullied. Is there any suggestions on how I can save it?

  63. Hi,
    I have a 6 fish in a 45 gallon tank with to big filters and a 3 guage air pump…1 cat fish(only 4 inches long 1 year old) a 6 inch algae eater and 4 gold fish…Now my Biggest gold fish he is 1 foot long and 1 1/2 pounds. He has about 4-5 odd looking “Shinny” scales on him he got them about 2 weeks ago and he is 2 years old…What may these be caused by and why?
    How much sould i feed him and how many times a day? i have him taught to be hand fed and he is a pig on food.Every time i walk in the room he decides to go to the top poke his mouth out of the water and want to be fed and im afraid to over feed him.Thanks

  64. hi i have two orandas goldfish about 3 months now and one is not looking so good i have a 10 gal tank and i keep it clean but one was laying upside down this morning and when i went to check if he was ok he flipped over but didnt move he looks swollen and his eyes are bulging and slightly red gills but the other orandas is fine. i did emergency treatment and cleand the tank i dont know what else to do.

  65. I got two gold fishes but they are not eating but keep moving in the bowl. what ever goes in their mouth they just spit it out in some seconds as it is.
    Is there any problem with them…..please help

  66. It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Hi, I Have A Fantail Goldfish, My Goldfish Is Always The Side At The Bottom of The Tank, My Goldfish Is Not Eating Anymore And He’s Usually Always Hungry, Some Parts Of His Tail Is Red, And Not Very Active Anymore, WHAT SHOULD I DO?HELP!

  68. my gold fish is folting at the bottom of its fish tank and it just started doing this sence yesterday and we dont know why the only thing that we can think of is that we just changed the rocks to gravel could that be the case if that is can some body answer me back asap.

  69. I have had my goldfish for nearly two years. I have just one in a fairly large tank with various items. Since i have had it it always seems to float on the top of the water the right way up not upside down or anything. It eats fine and loves its food but i want to know why it keeps floating as i want it to be happy.
    Please if anyone has any answers as what to do please help.

  70. hi i have to regular gold fish and a colpel months ago i was looking aty my goldfish and one of the had spots on its tail and k=no this on is siting at thwe bottme of the tank looking like it can swimme i love them and they mean alot to me so plz help me and my gold fish

  71. my goldfish is laying its side on the botttem any tips

  72. My goldfish can’t swim to the bottom of the bolw. It tries but can’t make it.

  73. On my goldfishes head there are red strips are these normal or what.

  74. i have 2 7 year old bronze shubikans and i reacently bought 2 multi-coloured shubikans that are probably 4cm long. 1 of my new fish has hot red all over one side and one of my 7 yr olds has red bits by all its fins but they are not damaged.
    i have become very attached to these fish. do i need to buy some fish medicine or what?

  75. I have recently had my first goldfish… With a bigger one for my bro… My fish usually is at the bottom of the tank… I thought it was sleeping at first, is it? or is it getting comfy? or is it sick? I really love him and its my first ever pet… he still eats perfectly but although he lazes around now his mind is fully functional*. And he seems a little better now i’ve changed the water, but he still stays at the bottom. What shall I do next? And what’s wrong with him?Oh, and he’s almost a month old… (my brother’s one is older)

    *This is real… He is very clever and can do simple sums, truly.

  76. I have a black and gold goldfish who’s new to the tank. Before it I had a goldfish that had been around for a very long time once I added the black and gold goldfish and another white and gold goldfish the white and gold one died days later and recently my eldest fish died. Now the black and gold one is the only one in the tank and the tank is clean and things but he seems to hang around this bunch of white-ish kind of things it has a cloudy cotton-like look to it. Is that something I should be worried about or something else not so major?

  77. goldfish is staying on the bottom of tank, and one side of his face the gill is red. What can ido or if anything??

  78. My goldfish jumped out of the tank, and the door was opened onto her. The fish has a bruise on her side, red with the scales standing out. How should I proceed to help her? The other fish (her children btw) are biting her there.

  79. I should add. The fish behaves normal, still eating and swimming like normal.

  80. I bought a LARGE goldfish about 3-4 weeks ago and up until about 5 days ago it has been behaving fine, but now it’s tail is fraying and it is rapidly losing scales. Do you think that maybe the fact that when we were transferring it from the bag to the tank my dad dropped it about 10cm could have anything to do with it? Do you think it also could be the fact that the tank is too small? There are two small (not fully grown yet) female guppies with it, a 5cm catfish, two neon tetras and a snail in the tank with it and it’s a 20 litre the moment my gold fish is about 14-18cm long (including tail) PLEASE HELP HE WAS REALLY EXPENSIVE AND HE IS SOO COOL!! I would hate to see him die :(

  81. hi my goldfish has two black spots near its mouth and somewhite stuff coming out of his gills what should i do help me!!!!!

  82. I bought a small feeder goldfish and 3 Ryukin gold fish. The small feeder goldfish is just staying in the corner of the tank. It breathes fast and does not eat when i feed it. The tank is new and has a filter. The 3 Ryukin fish are always swimming near the surface but seem very healthy. There competitive and very active. Please tell me what is happening to my goldfish since i would really hate to see them die! The Ryukin fishes are 2 days old and the small feeder goldfish is half a day old. Please tell me if my fish will survive! I really love them!

  83. my fish is sitting at the bottom of the tank.
    It is not eating food.
    It’s gills are moving correctly.
    it is getting something red under its head,it is happening after its pair died.

  84. my goldfish was once lurking at the bottom and i bpught a bigger tank and he was fine.

  85. i buy a new fish tank(first time and i know nothing about fishes)..i put gravel,a air pump,filter,plastic stones and plants……….i had 2 goldfish and 2 in black colour small in size and a tank of 1 foot(not sure)..but after 3 days black coloured died so i bring 2 red cap …but now they all are sick having fungus(white spots on tail)and lying on the bottom of tank in a corner.. i used many things to cure them like anti rid,salt,change water,warm the water with heater..but nothing is happening..i love them a lot and dont want to lose them plz tell me something..{my mail id on gmail is ajaysaini485 any body can help me m very upset

  86. I bought three goldfishes 2 weeks ago, for the last few days all the fishes tend to lie at the bottom of the tank. They occasionally swim around and eating normally. However, this morning i noticed one fish particular is always hiding under the decoration and not coming out to eat while the other two do. I have also noticed the fish that hides, has white patches on his face. What do i do?

  87. Hey i need your help ASAP i had a goldfish for 10 years and just yesturady its started acting strange she would stay in one spot and just float there sideways.but today shes gotten worse she hasn’t been eating shes never moved she just stayed in 1 spot and just kept floating there sideways but there were a few times she would go nuts and swim around the tank all twitchy and crasing her head into the walls and bottom of the tank
    Plese i really nee your help!

  88. there is a string hanging from the bottom of my goldfish what do i do?

  89. I had my gold fish for 6 years; very healthy and hungry pair. They grew pretty big sadly Through observation of warning signs I found that they both must have swolled a pebble. I suggest not having any gravel in your tank gold fish like to eat and can swollow them on accident when they get big enough. First sign was one fish was at the bottom of the tank when it would see me, I could see it was hungry because it would go up to eat but it couldn’t swim up straight like they do and couldn’t eat either. It hid in back of the decorations eventually then just stayed there. Passed away 5 days later. At the time I didn’t think of the gravel. 2 days later my other goldfish was going nuts because I saw that it had a pebble stuck in its mouth it spit it out thankfully. I knew then that I needed bigger rocks I went to the store the next day and I changed out the rocks. It was to late though because he must have swolled another one. I noticed white spots a couple days later then a red mark by its mouth it seemed disorientated and would hide, there was a red mark by its mouth and it was side ways, didn’t eat or poop and its fins looked stringy. He died 2 days later. I miss my fish, just please do not use gravel no matter the size I’m positive this is how they died.

  90. Hi
    I bought a goldfish from the carnival on June 23 yesterday, I bought a bowl for it and some marbles and a seashell it was eating perfect and swimming great now today it was at the top of the bowl I moved it around but it just floated down then back up then I picked it up and it moved ! But it’s gills Were moving slowly
    Should I be concerned I’m feeding it wardlys goldfish poisons flakes should I switch to pallets
    ? Please anewser I love Roxie so much I would really appreciate it

  91. Hello!
    i won a small goldfish at the fair yesterday (Aug. 9) it came in a small plastic bag in a small plastic tank. i really want to put it in the big (ish) 2.5 gallon tank i got at pet-co and i cant until the water in my 2.5 is “room temp”. my goldfish, Kevin, seems really bored. what could i do to keep him satisfied? one more thing, i am now feeding Kevin “Gold Fish Flakes” and i was reading on line b4 that to maintain a healthy diet for your golfish, you have to feed it lots of fruits and veggies. is there any reason why i should stop feeding him gold fish flakes for a constant meal and start feeding him lettuce on a regular basis. please answer back!
    - kiley (first time fish-owner)

  92. Hi,
    My goldfish barely swims and eats. He is always at the bottom (lying normal) and he has stringy pooh. What should i do? Please answer back.

  93. I have a large goldfish that has a red line (like something scratched him) on his face (nose area) and is not eating. I just recently clean his tank and new filter and all. HELP my poor guy!

  94. my Oranda goldfish is not really eating the water is fine and filter is new i have had her for a couple weeks and she is getting white bubbles on her head and it is really worrying me and has a bruse on her left side any suggestions

  95. My Orange large fantailed goldfish has white spots in the center of the outer part of the eye.
    I rescued 3 large goldfish and a tank cleaner from a young man who was not changing the water or feeding them. I was told he was waiting for them all to die.
    The gold fan tailed was apparently sick at one point with an intestinal problem and I was told it is why he continues to stay on the bottom of the tank. He has a hard time swimming. However lately I have noticed he is actually attempting to get to the surface to feed on flake food and will eat more from the bottom when I put in pellets.
    The tank is a 35 gallon tank and I change the water pretty much every 2 weeks with settled water. The other fish are doing really well and the black bubble eye fish is actually changing from black to gold, which I am told is a sign of good conditions and the fish maturing.
    So what is happening to my orange fan tail. All these fish are at a minimum of 6 inches long and this was the size I pretty much got them at a year ago.
    Any advise would be great.

  96. How often do I need to change the air filter???
    Any advice would be great. By tomorrow I will have my goldfish for a month.

  97. I has a gold fish that swims into the side of the tank when a human being is looking at it. Is he just shy an gets scared or does he have a problem??? Plz help anyone

  98. Hi! My goldfish swim at the bottom, I think it’s normal. Their bellies don’t touch the ground, do you mean if their bellies are dragging across the tank, or they are donating. Also.. I don’t know if
    My goldfish have enough room. I have. A fish bowl and two goldfish, I have decor in there too, tanks cost a lot of money: at petco the man said if goldfish are In a bowl to long, as they grow something goes wrong because they don’t have enough room and they die. How much time exactly might I have to get a tank for them and maybe a few other fish? I’m very worried. One more thing. Can you tell how old your goldfish is? Thanks, this helps a lot!!!

  99. I just got my goldfish two days ago and he is acting odd. He is hanging around the bottom of the tank and eats only one flake once a day. He is pale when there is not food in his system, but turns his normal color once he eats. I don’t know what to do. I think he is sick but I’m not sure. Does he sound sick? How can I cure him? I’m very worried.

  100. I got two goldfish on Sunday. They keep floating to the top and GASPING for air. I am very worried. They eat alot of pellets, but i am getting worried. My family told me i had polluted the water with food, my dad cleaned the bowl and put the fish back inside, they were okay for the night, this morning they did the same thing! help!

  101. Jada, try feeding your fish a different kind of food. Petco told me to feed goldfish pellets and not flakes, is that what you have? I think he’s sick because his body dosn’t agree with what he’s eating. Even if you need to try treats and not food, get something into his body that he likes. As for him being pale when not eating and turning color when eating, thats just because his body is happy i suppose. you don’t have to take my advice, to tell you the true, i really know nothing about fish except what i have learned online, but i think that might be the problem.

  102. My pearl goldfish has crystal bubble on it stomach.It always sit on the bottom of the fishtank. It normally eat a lot but it is not eating. The other fish are fine exept it.I need help!

  103. I checked my goldfish and he seems to be lurking at the.bottom is he sick? Witch medecine should I buy?

  104. Hi,
    my fantail goldfish is hanging on the floor of the tank and not eating much. All other fish in the tank are healthy. The amonia, p.h. and filter are all good so i dont know what the problem is. plese reply

  105. I have 2 big Angel fishes. Just added Oranda gold fishes to the tank. My gold fishes are not eating angels finish all the food in the tank. What needs to be done?

  106. I have a similar question but I doubt if it is worth puting it here. I see only questions all thru the post. Not a single proper reply. May be I wonder if the answers are given privately thru email. My gold fish is sick terribly and is at the bottom of the tank lying upside down. I can its gills moving. Only front fins move some time. It occasionally open the mouth. Not sure whether it will survive.

  107. Awesome…you go to a site that seems to have answers and read a 100 questions. If you don’t intend to answer, why start the site? Sorry if I offend, but when people go online and actually look for help for a fish, it is because they actually are concerned and trying to do the right thing. I will look elsewhere.

  108. I have a bubble head goldfish and he is bloated and its gotten to the point where he lays on his side all day and his body is in a C shape and hes floating at the top. I’m feeding him Kale and peas along with some pellets mixed in and i have recently noticed he has some white fuzzy beginning to grow on the spots where his body is curved. I don’t want him to die but i have no clue what to do to help him more. Can anyone help me??

  109. Hi I have 2 comet goldfish and on one of them it’s gill on the right hand side looks like it is cut open
    It is as active as ever but the gill does not look
    Like it is moving. The left hand side looks fine.
    Should I be worried??

  110. I had 2 gold fish since 6 months and bought 2 new one previous fush is havind some red blood near bogb mouth seface pls advice what to do its feeding is normal but has become less active .

  111. Hi

    goldfish is sitting on the bottom of the tank and has a long thin white line hanging out of him/her not swimming round or moving, breathing quite fast.


  112. Hi!
    I cleaned my Red Cap’s tank yesterday but he is now acting weird. All of the symptoms are shown including floundering at the bottom of the tank, not eating, can barely swim, ect. There for some reason was a Carnival fish that I had noticed sitting dead on the top of the water, dont know if that had anything to do with it. There looks to also be black around his eyes which i dont remember being there. Please help.





  114. my fish is floating on the top of the tank and he cant really move that well and he also wont eat and every six breaths he does some wierd double breath. I know the floating part is swim bladder and I’m treating it but, what is the wierd breath for?

  115. Hi uhm my goldfish has been bloated for awhile I though it was pregnant and we’ll I don’t thjnk it is. It hides in my tank and on the gravel and in corners a lot. It swims upside down all the time and it’s tail and fins have white like flaky stuff on them,.. It eats but not normally when I first got him he swam all over not now he’s bloated and lazy please help me thanks!!

  116. Hi. My goldfish is kind or round, a little bit chubby, and tends to hang around the bottom quite a bit. She swims very fast though,and she is always hungry. Is my fishy pregnant, or infected? Please help, I’m very worried about my fish. :(

  117. Hi, Taylor. Sorry about your fish. You said that he had white flaky things on him? It could be a sign of disease. You might want to consider frozen peas without the shell, and brine shrimp. Dead brine shrimp, though. If your fish continues to do so, it might have a tumor or Swim Bladder Infection. If it keeps up, consult a vet online, or take it somewhere. I hoped this link helped you, and may God help your fish. Good luck, fishy! :)

  118. ;) Fish owners, consult me! I just found out some stuff about fish infections. If you have had fishy problems, consult me. XD

  119. Shir

  120. Please help me. My fish is dead, what do I do?

  121. One of my goldfish died this morning and I’m not sure what of as yesterday both of the fish in my tank seemed perfectly fine. Also the other fish is ok at the moment but has blood in and around his mouth? I’m not sure what has happened and would appriciate some help.


  123. I recently had a lot of algae in my tank (30 gal. I added Algaefix. This seemed to be clearing the water. I went away for a few days and returned to find the tank very cloudy, but not green. I replaced 3/4 of the water, using API Stress Coat as recommended and Start Smart Complete as recommended. I also added a recommended dose of Algaefix again to the new water.

    \When changing the filter, before adding the new water and treatment, I noticed that the last time I replaced the filter (before the original growth of algae, I had placed it in the filter in backward. Could this have contributed to harming the fish. Since I cleaned the tank the fish have been at the bottom, hardly moving at all. This has been over 12 houres.

    Any suggestions?

  124. my goldfish is always behind my fish tank decorations and one has a cot of blood under the head i’m worried but they eat a lot

  125. My goldfish has one bulbus and bloody eye,blood patches all over it’s body and also cannot close it’s mouth at all I’ve been changing it’s water a lot I have no idea what else to do can someone give me some advice please :-((

  126. my goldfish is lurking on the bottom, he is eating, he is hiding in a mini cave and only comes out to eat. is he sick.

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  128. Hi,

    I have 2 goldfishes (both bought at the same time), and one is bigger than the other, it has been a year and they live in relatively large tank (as i bought 4 more but they died due to a fungi infection) but i bought the medicine which meant these 2 survived. now it has been a good few months that the fish have been fluff free, however, today i changed the water (as i do when the water gets murky and muddy)and followed all the procedures (leaving them in a bag for 50 mins so they get use to the temp. and once they were released the bigger fish started to stay behind the decor ( when the decor was removed it kind of had a fit looking for something else, so now it hides behind the filter- but i lifted that and now the fish is practically frozen and drifting) when the filter was put down it hid behind it again) i gave it the medication i gave it when it had the fungi infection, and hoping that like from other links he is just been overly acidifyd (from the food melting creating water pollution) and just needs to settle to the clean water.

    Please help and tell me what the riht thing is to do because the second fish is fine and active it’s just one so it makes me think whether it is something internal as to environmental.


  129. My white goldfish is in our pond and he’s so big he can’t really move so we were wondering if he has a disease. He turned this way when we cleaned our filter. We always fill the pond up with new water everyday. We were looking for a cure if there is one.

  130. He has also been hiding on the bottom of the pond and not eating.

  131. I have a fish thats seems barely alive . Two days ago he jumped out of tank I saw him he might have been out of the water a min maybe longer don’t know . I put him back in the bowl about a two gallon with pump and one other goldfish and he was upside down for a while near the bottom of bowl then he been on the bottom the right side up, but not swimming around, last night i put him in another bowl cuz he was laying on his side still breathing, now he seems to be barley breathing has red part of his tail turned red, appears bloated, and one eye looks slightly protruded. He seemed to be fine before he jumped out. We change filter and clean entire bowl out about one a week. I feel bad fpr it but don’t know what else to do? Help!

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  134. My fish is breathing very rapidly, and his eyes are bulging and whitish colour. This behaviour started on Sunday. Also, he is not eating. Can you help me save my fish?

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  139. My daughter has a glarge gold fish that seems to be lethergy at times and has a white ring around its mouth that could be algaenot sure what could this be the fis acts sick.

  140. How do we treat this?

  141. My goldfish was dead this morning and yesterday he was sitting on the bottom spitting out bubbles i knew somthing was wrong but i was just about to leave for my friends house and when i got back i went strait to bed i dont know if speckles was alive or dead.

    RIP speckles the goldfish

  142. My fish is moving a lot like his crazy its weird please answer I don’t want my fish to die

  143. I bought 2 gold fishes yesterday and i kept em in a fish bowl almost 1 mrng they were coming to the top and staying there i thought they were hungry and i fed them but they were doing the same.then i changed water and everything came back to normal later i notied than one is not eating but the other one is eating what im giving to the “not hungry” fish.along with that now they are coming to the top and staying there.pls help me.i cant just let them die.PS i dont have a filter but have pebbles and plant.pls help me

  144. I have a lone 12 yr old large fan tail gold fish, during the past week he has ripped large sections of his tail off causing trauma and bleeding,I have removed any tank ornaments that could possibly be sharp, but he has done it again this morning, he spends a lot of time underneath his filter, and I think he is trapping his tail in it, he is still swimming and eating, but don’t know if he is in pain or distressed, we have changed his water and added tank salt to aid healing, do you know why this is happening ? And is there anything we can do to prevent this happening ?

  145. My fish has been acting strange lately for example this morning when I got up and the fish was awake, I found it floating around the top , not doing anything at all, then, later it got caught in the filter and didn’t try to free itself. I found some red on one fin but not on any others. Please leave a review to help!!!! It hurts me as I only got it

  146. Hi Birgie!
    If your goldfish is doing nothing at all,then its probably dead.I think your fish has the case of the spot a itis. Just Kidding it might just has a disease called,a disease that you now can not be cured.I am really sorry for your fish but at least you know that your fish is in a better place.=)But if you notice that your fish has something unusual and your other fish doesn’t try to put that other fish in a seperate place so that your other fish stays healthy.But still keep track on your diseased fish.

    Fish please stay healthy,
    Best Wishes,
    Ms.know it All(kinda)

  147. my goldfish is sitting in the bottome corner of the tank, he his still brething but he his not moving much.I cleaned the water about 3 days ago, and his partner had died recently. he dosent come to the surface as much. I dont know what is going on with him. when i first got him he was perfect. please help me….i dont want him to die. HELP!!!!

  148. My goldfish has fluffy white stuff growing on him, he also has black spots and he is only using on fin to swim. What does this mean and how do I fix it?????

  149. My goldfish is bloated, has red gills and is floating to the top of the tank,What disiese is it and how do I cure it? -9 years old,analiese

  150. Iris please help me.≧﹏≦

  151. My black moor and my commen gold fish were staying in a cave for the last 2 days. They came out once this morning and then went back in they are not comeing out. I have a 10 gallon Aquarium. And no space for a bigger one. My tank is leaking ang my filter is to strong and always pushes them down. My black moor has fast moveing gills and white blotches and what looks like 1 raised white scale near the gill. Please help !!!!! 😭😥😢😓😨

  152. I recently took over my best friends 30 gallon tank. Their goldfish that they had for years died. So they wanted to get rid of the tank. I said I would take it. I have a 4 year old that loves fish tanks. A friend of mine recently came to my house with a bag of 4 goldfish. Just your standard cheap ones from Wal-Mart. After noght 1. The all white one immediately died. It didn’t look good even in the bag. No biggy. The other 3 were just fine. They were in the tank for another day or 2 when I noticed Marlin (one of the 3) wasn’t swimming right. He goes face down tail end up. He doesn’t eat and just sitz on the bottom of the tank. I took him out for a few days to see if it was him being in a big tank and it was over working him. He did the same thing in the bucket. Put him back in his tank and he is active. Swimming around. Trying his hardest to swim straight. Soon as he would stop .. Face down tail up. And then eventually ended right back at the bottom of the tank. Now Nemo and Squishy are just fine. Swimming and eating fine. They have no issues. But Marlin just doesn’t look right. I tried the whole pea thing. He wasn’t having it. He ate nothing. Not even his flakes. My tank has a filter system and an air pump. But nothing is helping him. But my other 2 fish are just fine. I need help. These are my sons fish and he talks to them every day. What can do before Marlin dies too.

  153. Hi, my goldfish is currently at the bottom of my 1 gallon tank. It has been there for 1 hour. Is it pregnant or sick. I had my goldfish for 3 years. I hate to see him go.

    I need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank u so much!

  154. Hello my goldfish is staying on top, or behind the filter and it also has a string coming out??? What can i do?

  155. my fancy goldfish has black smudges on her, her poo is milk white, she has a black outline on her body and torn fins.

    please help me.

  156. My gold lionhead mix fantail goldfish is laying always horizontal in below the bottom of tank… Y he’s doing like that? Not eating… Any body pleaz give a suggestion beacause of I love him so mouch… He is 250 gm’s weight…

  157. i have had 4 goldfish for about a year now and one of them just today started acting strange. it has been sitting at the bottom of the tank and swimming at the bottom a little bit. so i decided to put it in a bowl out of the tank by its self and now its just sitting at the bottom of the bowl breathing heavily. WHAT DO I DO! PLEASE HELP!!!

  158. I was changing my fishes water(which hadent been changed for a week+) and I noticed a red spot on his fore head. I tried to dab it with a tissue in the water and it didn’t come off. But then I relized that if he was bleeding the water would be bloody. I looked up sum stuff on the ‘net and got to this website. Is he dieing!!!??? Pls tellme

  159. I had gotten home from a 1 hour play, and I found my goldfish stuck to the filter. He was there for maybe a hour or less. I let him loose but he quickly went to the top of the tank and rapidly swam. I put some peas in the tank but she doesn’t seem to want them. (I know she is female) I have 1 other fish in the tank. He seems to be just fine. (I know he is a male) For some reason he seems to be helping her to not hit stuff. Anyway she has been floating at the top, gills flapping lightly, and everyone once and a while push back down but then floats back up, what is wrong?

  160. Never mind, she is dying right now. :(

  161. She’s dead now, never mind :(

  162. Emma I think your fish isn’t dying, is he acting weird?

    *Floating around
    *Gulping for air at the top

    If he is then Emma, I am so sorry for your loss, I bet you took good care of him

  163. Hi guys I have four fishes two of which I got yesterday and the other two I had a while I have three goldfish and one suckerfish my two older goldfishes often just like keep in all their fins and only use the very front ones two turn and swim inless something moves in there suddenly is that okay? Please write back soon

  164. Hello. I have two goldfish and two plecostomus. The goldfish are best of pals (I think, and I hope), they chase each other around the tank, sleep next to each other, and swim together (side by side, its so cute, and I’ve never found fish cute before); I’ve also never assumed they were bullying each other, if they are (they’re the same size). One is a black moor/black telescope goldfish (Dorothy) and one is a fancy goldfish (Annora), so they both have long, flowing tails. Annora’s not doing so well though. She stays at the top all the time, sometimes brushes her scales on the gravel, she is less playful, and keeps herself in the corner by the filtration system (where the bubbles are). The veins on Annora’s fins look like they have more blood flow than normal, like she has blot clots on her fins. I don’t think the plecostomuses are bullying her either, they’re very shy (ones name is Shy Guy, he’s over half a foot and the other Goldie, and he’s under half a foot), and they’re like lone wolves too, and skidder away when something startles them. Anyways, one time Annora was in her corner for three days, and I had to push her out, because I didn’t know if she was being a diva or just stuck. And once I was putting in more water in her tank (chemicals all gone and water conditioned), and she kept on swimming under the force of the water (like the forces pushing her down was fun). I also have two filters in the 50-gal tank that work hard enough to filter a 75-gal. All the fish still love to eat, but I’m worried about Annora’s behavior and the gruesome predicament on her fins. I also feed the goldfish pellets instead of flakes, because my last fancy died because the flakes made her float.

  165. My goldfish stands below .There only 1 day that I bought

  166. My fish stands below .There only 1 day that I bought.
    what to do?

  167. My fish stands below and behind the aquarium decorations .There one day I bought. what to do?

  168. Hi I have 3 goldfish one has died the other is on its side still alive it looks as if it’s struggling to swim it lies at the bottom then darts hits the bottom again my 3Rd goldfish is fine

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  170. I have a gold fish which natrully has big eyes. It lies on the gravel and obly moves to eat food and to for some reason come up to the surface and get air and then comes back down and blows it all out

  171. Hey there, I’ve got 3 fancy goldfish and 2 comets goldfish in a 150 litre tank they have been living in there for just under a year and my fish has always been healthy, I got 2 filters running my fish are normally very active but recently only one of the fancy goldfish has been lying on the bottom and pooping long white strings. I’ve been treating them with general aid

  172. Hey there, I’ve got 3 fancy goldfish and 2 comets goldfish in a 150 litre tank they have been living in there for just under a year and my fish has always been healthy, I got 2 filters running my fish are normally very active but recently only one of the fancy goldfish has been lying on the bottom and pooping long white strings. I’ve been treating them with general aid but it doesn’t seem to help.

  173. help! i had 3 goldfish and went away for 3 days and left a family member to look after them and when i came back 2 were dead and now one is just lying on the bottom of the tank, not eating or moving and has a rotting fish tail. i not sure what to do !!!
    they where fed while i was gone

  174. My fish is on its side and is swimming and my other fish likes to swim on the bottom

  175. My fish is swimming on to side and my other is swimming in the bottom at the rocks

  176. I have a goldfish….My 4 year old won it from a carnival about 9 months ago…. Last Sunday we moved Kelly (the goldfish) into a 5 gallon tank from a tiny triangular 1gallon tank. She didn’t seem right/happy/active so Thursday evening I figured maybe her environment changed too much and decided to add the airstone to the larger tank…..WELL, THAT WAS AN AWFUL DECISION I MUST SAY!!!!!! we decided to get a pretty little princess scene to jazz up the new 5 gallon tank that comes with a princess castle background, little pink trees/greenery, jewelry chess and and a tiny princess castle. I knew there was no way Kelly could ever fit in that tiny little castle so I didn’t worry about it…..WRONG!!!!! I started to move the airstone around to place it just right & Kelly got scared and tried to hid in that tiny castle….her fins got stuck on the inside lip of that tiny poorly made princess castle….after about 10 minutes of trying to get her out of it, we ended up breaking the castle and freeing her. IT WAS AWFUL!!! I thought she was going to dye that night. It is now Sunday evening and she is still hanging on….she’s breathing but she’s floating at the top on her side and she’s not eating…. I’ve cleaned her old bowl and placed her back in there by herself ( I purchased 2 Moors, just incase) PLEASE HELP

  177. I have a fantail goldfish that is sitting on the bottom of his ten gallon tank… The nitrate is fine and I have fed him peas. His belly is red mainly below the tail fin. But the whole lower part is red to.. the nitrate was a bit too high but I immediately changed 20 percent of the water. Then it went backt to zero… Please help me…

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  179. My new fish Ponyo is hiding in her ceramic log and not swimming much only to eat and she has red spots on her tail and her gills are sort of red and near its fins. I got her at a fair😞

  180. […] SYMPTOMS OF A SICK GOLDFISH – Goldfish Care Guide – Observe your goldfish regularly, and look out for any change in their appearance or behaviour that could indicate disease. If your fish is hiding on the bottom or not … […]

  181. My two goldfish have stared staying in their cave mostly all day this just started today.should I remove the cave?

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  183. My goldfish (I won it 1 day ago) is sit at the bottom not moving its fins but is breathing. I have a filter and a 5 gal. tank. I think it might just be stressed, but the first time I had it it ate. Now it doesn’t east anymore. However if I stand there for a few seconds it moves its front to fins! Please help me at (Don’t judge my email)

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  185. My goldfish are lethargic and hiding behind decorations. Bearly eating. What can I do to save them before it’s too late.

  186. Hey I took my dead goldfish out my tank and orange was comming off on the tissue not the scales just the colour

  187. My fish are sluggish and sitting on the bottom. One is floating and bearly moving. I checked the pH and ammonia levels and they seem fine. I have been trying to save my fish for two days now. Can you help me.

  188. I have tried everything from partial water change to chemical pH maintenance to ammonia removers and nothing seems to help they just keep getting worse and worse.

  189. i just got my fish 3 days ago at the head of the lakes fair and its still not eating and the tank is super dirty HELP!!!

  190. Hi, I have a indoor aquarium with 2 two tailed goldfishs. Fish #1 was chassing fish #2 all the time and they seemed pretty crazy and fun to watch. Fish #2 started to get fat pretty quick so i tought she could of been “pregnant”. I checked online to figure that she could be laying eggs anytime soon. The problem is that now its been a few days and she started to lay at the bottom or hiding behind stuff. The other fish still goes to see her but she dont usualy move as much as before its like she would be depress or something. The only time she does move is to go eat at the top then goes back to laying down. She is still pretty fat.. I see a few white things in the tank i think it could be some eggs? I dont know what to do, looking online started to make me paranoid that maybe my fish is sick?

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  194. Hi! My Goldfish has been healthy for about 5 years now. Today the 2 of them (in a 20 gallon tank) are resting at the bottom and not eating. The only difference in care is that I fed them peas for the first time this week. Once on Sunday and once yesterday.

  195. Hey I have 2 goldfish got at same time same size one is now 3 times the size of the other the little one was eating now has stopped it is looking very thin now worried what do I do?

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  197. I have one black goldfish in a 20 gallon tank. I just done a major water change yesterday about 70%. It was way overdue. Now today I have noticed whit spots all over his head, even some hanging from his head like cotton. As well he’s staying in the bottom not moving hardly at all. Please hel me what can I do for him?

  198. I recently bought two goldfish (yesterday to be exact). Today i was watching my fish an i noticed that one of them began to act odd. It was laying in the bottom corner of the tank, just sitting there. I tapped to side a little and it moved but came right back to that spot. Later i saw it trying to swim but it kept tipping over. A little while later my fish was floating at the top of the tank, no longer breathing. But now my other fish is acting the same way. What is happening?

  199. I bought a gold fish 2 days ago i curently have him in a bowl becuase my filter broke i did a partial water change today but he is swimming on the top of the water… he occassionaly swims down the bottome etc. And is eating fine. The bowl seems to be getting dirtier though. Help what doni do ?

  200. Have a goldfish for 5 half years got him small as a dime now he big as a dollar his fins are blood shot and acting strange he been in tank by himself bout a year hope he not dead by mornin anybody got suggestions thanx

  201. My gold fish is sitting on the bottom of the tank listlessly and not eating.what can i do any suggestions please

  202. My goldfish is not eating well. I checked everything water filter there is nothing wrong with aquarium.
    He is taking food in his mouth and thn spitting it back what to do any advice

  203. I have now currently got three fantail fish I just bought one of them on last Saturday… Since I got a new fantail fish one of my other fish is hiding it’s self in the right top hand corner…Does anyone may know what’s wrong with it?

  204. is my normal goildfish sick because first when we got him he was orange and white but now he has redish spots on him and his bake fins are like two tringals both of them were normal now there like strips like ripped and theres a dotted line goin down the middle of him/her on both sides and keeps going back and forth between at the bottem of the tank and the top and is still eating but not as much we have had him for almost 4 years now and we got him from the fair plz help me i love him/her so much tell if theres anything i could do to help him/her

  205. and also he/her has black dots on is eyes

  206. and he has black dots on his eyes help me plz

  207. nevermind he died

  208. First of all, Hunter I’m so sorry about your fish. BUT,the way I see it is if we don’t pay any money, (I know this sounds bad but…)even if it was Mother Teresa of Calcutta nobody will give us there knowledge. $$$$$$$$$ Again I’m so sorry ’bout your fish. Mine is a little over 4yrs, not sure male/female. Only know the other fish wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for HER. I moved her to smaller tank, she has lost her scales, both sides & I can see a cotton-ee-(whatever)-substance floating about on her sides. Now Hunter tried to get some help over a 3wk period & his fish died. Hello, is anybody there? Is this America or the Philippines.

  209. My gold fish was black but looks a different colour now it keeps running into the walls and when tries to go to the top it just goes up side down

  210. hi,so yea my goldfish named Wanda is like loseing her goldness on her skin when i first got her like 2-3 years ago she has all gold skin colour and she had abit of silver underneath her but now she is loseing the gold and now turning silver.

    im getting worried so
    any opinions?

  211. Hi ,I have a yellow comet that’s pretty big he was,doing good then I started to spot little black dots forming on him.He is laying on the bottom of the tank side ways but when a fish approaches him or I go near the tank he will start to swim.Mt tank is some what cloudy could that be the problem?The other fish seem.fine.

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