Where to buy goldfish

Where to buy goldfish

A healthy goldfish aquarium starts with healthy goldfish. Making sure you buy goldfish without any diseases or physical damage will save you big problems down the line.

Remember also that you need to have an aquarium ready and matured at home before you buy your goldfish. Don’t try and do it all in one day, or the fish will suffer and may well die.

Never buy goldfish from a fairground! These poor creatures will be overly stressed from being cooped up in a small bag all afternoon, and were probably not properly care for beforehand, either. Don’t be tempted to ‘rescue’ them, it only encourages the practice.

Your options when buying goldfish are:

  • Specialist aquarium shops
  • Pet stores
  • Online fish retailers
  • A local goldfish breeder

Specialist aquariums shops vary from the brilliant to the dire; if you find a good one you’ll get great advice as well as a wider range of goldfish and aquarium supplies.

Pet shops are similarly hit-and-miss. Also, fish are seldom their priority, so it’s well worth looking for a good aquarium shop when choosing where to buy goldfish.

Local breeders are an excellent sources of healthy, colourful fish. They’re hard to locate if you’re just starting out with goldfish, however.

Should you buy goldfish online? If you’ve no good stores nearby, then the very best Internet retailers are an acceptable option. The decent ones carefully pack and ship their fish by courier, and most offer a ‘live delivery’ guarantee. The downside is you don’t get to see your fish before you buy, and parcels do sometimes get stuck in transit. You’ll also miss out on speedy advice in a crisis.

Tips on where to buy goldfish:

  • Look out for healthy, active goldfish. If all the fish are moping around the bottom with their fins clamped to their sides, leave the store.
  • If there are several tanks of different types of fancy goldfish, it shows the store probably takes a real interest in these kinds of fish.
  • Good aquarium stores will quarantine their goldfish, to prevent diseases getting into their system. Ask about it.
  • A local shop is more likely to use the same water you do, so there’s less stress for your goldfish in adapting to your own water at home.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good store will be as concerned for the well-being of the fish as with making a sale, so they should welcome your interest.
  • Any shop that tries to sell you a tank and a goldfish on the same day should be avoided (and hopefully put out of business).
  • Cheap fish are never a bargain!

A good aquarium shop is worth its weight in gold(fish). If you find a store selling a wide variety of healthy fish and a nice range of tanks, and staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people who welcome your questions, your search for where to buy goldfish is done.

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  1. Oops. I was at petsmart today and saw some 13 cent fish (I don’t have any fish). I really like cheap items and clearance things, so I bought two, and my mom and I swung by a dollar store and got a little clear box thing for them, and a scoop. I feel really bad now about putting them in there…I’m going to go out tomorrow and get a little aquarium for them tomorrow. (They’re reeeeeally little.)
    I was thinking one of the 1.7 gallon or 2.6 gallon boxes with some gravel, a plant, and a mini filter.
    Would that be good for them?

  2. Great tips on where to buy goldfish! A lot of people first getting into the goldfish hobby often get discouraged when their goldfish suddenly die on them. Long behold the goldfish was already sick when thet got them.

    This is one post that many people should read when it comes to buying goldfish. Leave the problems at the pet store don’t bring them home. Look for a nice clean and well maintained pet store to buy from.

    Great post!

  3. i bough my ranchu and oranda for 2.50 each, i actually bought 1 pair each. when i bough them, they not looked really cute or fancy, but after 3 months later, their shape begin changing. now they are fat and beautiful as the fish in youtube…. i think is not really about the price. it all about how much time you give it to them and how much care u give it to them.
    great post any way !

  4. i have had a goldfish for over 2 years now. i got him for a few bucks at a carnival. ive never used a goldfish bowl. the night i got him i went out and got a 10 gallon tank, filter, food,rocks and a neat little dragon friend. yesterday i bought a fish for my fish at a pet store a few miles away, same day this goldfish died. im thinking it doesnt always matter where you buy the fish. also my goldfish comes up to the top when i open the tank, i pet him and he loves it. wondering if thats normal or weird for goldfish but ill keep looking on here ^-^

  5. I went to this tropical fish store and they have like 15 baby goldfish for $1.00 and 6 juvenile goldfish for $1.00. But, i can’t select which ones i want though. Sometimes i got some that have fin/tail rot. They were the common goldfish. So now i know i should never buy them like that. But luckily when i got another 6, they were very healthy. There dorsal fins were straight up. I had them for 2 months now. I’ve been feeding them goldfish flakes.
    They are consuming each day. They are still small but they’ll grow. I have a 10 gallon tank with them inside. After they grow big, I’m gonna move them into a pond.

  6. i’m going to buy a fantail goldfish, I have a 20 gallon tank (being used by other fish) and a 5 gallon tank. I think that I will get between a 10 and 15 gallon tank, but I was wondering how large they grow, because that will impact my decision, so if anyone knows and could just leave a comment I would appreciate it-thanks!

  7. i’m going to buy a fantail goldfish, I have a 20 gallon tank (being used by other fish) and a 5 gallon tank. I think that I will get between a 10 and 15 gallon tank, but I was wondering how large they grow, because that will impact my decision, so if anyone knows and could just leave a comment I would appreciate it-thanks!

  8. O . k ., it really is a good start but i’m going to explore that a tad more. Will let you know just what more i’ve found.

  9. i want a GoLdFiSh i just like them but i dont know where to buy them

  10. When I was “Just Looking” at goldfish at this random pet store. The guy said “I’ll give you a great deal on goldfish and tank setup” I remembered what I read on this site.
    (((((Any shop that tries to sell you a tank and a goldfish on the same day should be avoided (and hopefully put out of business).))))
    I said to the guy, “Goldfish get kinda big” He said “Yea in a few years” So I pointed at a 55gal. tank an stand set and said “Im going to keep them longer than that so I’ll take 4 comet golds and this 55gal setup.” He was like “No No NO I’ll get you 5gal and the fish is free for $39″ Thats not big enough. “Thats what comes with goldfish.” the goldfish were 12cents and 37cents a piece cause they selling them as food. Plus he thought he was doing me a favor because he threw in a Heater. What REALLY!?! I left him looking stupid with that in his hand. So if your ever in Maryland dont go to a pet store with a giant smiling goldfish sign out front. PS. I LUV THIS SITE.

  11. Hi guys, To get a good love and care with your goldfish get at least a 30 to 50 gallon tank, Food, and a good fish enviroment. A 10 gollon tank could be fine but I sujest a bigger tank is better so your goldfish have good space and a good home, Oh yeah, Do you guys know where to get a ranchu goldfish because I have been looking all over the internet to find a store where you could get one, But none of the stores showed up! Please tell me where to get a ranchu goldfish and I live in hamilton ontario by the way.

  12. I have been wondering where to buy a goldfish that won’t cost much but will last long, it also must not have to have its tank cleaned very often as i’m still in school. If anyone knows where to buy a goldfish i would luv to know.

  13. Hi!!!!!! One day we did a exturnal disection on a gold fish and my teacher told me and my friend that we could take one home because they where not dead. So I brought my gold fish Neveah home and I put her in a big boul with marbles in the bottem. And she is living happily ever after.

    P.S. The best place to get your gold fish is Fish Wildlife and Parks

  14. I’m using a 15 gal tank,couled gravel,a plastic plant with threefantails two are five cm and one is four cm oh and I’m using a good filter they all seem pretty happy with there tank and there not overfed please tell me if every thing is ok. BaileyW

  15. What are those goldfish that appear to be smiling called? I have a 55 gallon tank with only 2 fish, a black moor and a normal goldfish. I want a few more fish for my tank.

  16. I won my goldfish Pineapple at a formal this week. I was told he can from Walmart-is it okay he came from there?. I’am currently in the process of getting an aquarium because of your article on why goldfish bowls are bad. I do not know the type of goldfish I have but he is tiny,so I got a 2.5 gallon tank. Do I put water in the tank and let it sit for a few days? Do I have to add special drops or anything? Any help/advise is much appreciated. I cannot allow Pineapple to die.

    Thanks in advance :D

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  18. I’ m in the process of cycling my 36 gallon bow front. It’s been two weeks since I started. I can’t wait to get my two fantail and ryukin. I have a fluval hob 70 running right know and planned to get fluval cannister 306. I want my babies to live along life. I’m new to this hobby and made sure to read up on a lot about them and there needs. I know that’s a lot off filteration. But I rather to be over than to be under. They do carry a heavy poo load. So I’m preparing myself. If you guys have any input I would glad to here it.

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