5 reasons not to use goldfish bowls

5 reasons not to use goldfish bowls

Goldfish and bowls go together in the English language, but they shouldn’t in real life. A bowl might seem an ideal home for a goldfish (at least there’s no sharp corners on which it could cut itself!) but in fact they make a terrible home for most kinds of fish.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid using a goldfish bowl:

  1. Goldfish bowls are too small. Goldfish can easily grow to several inches in length with good care, and monster goldfish of over six inches are not unheard of. Now, imagine living in a room the size of your bed. That’s about the equivalent for a goldfish in a bowl. Not nice.
  2. They can deprive goldfish of oxygen. Goldfishes need oxygen from the water, just like we need oxygen from the air. Too little oxygen and they become stressed, and may even die. One of the things that affects how much oxygen is in the water is the surface area, which is where the water meets the air. You can think of oxygen crossing over into water like fans at a football game going through a turnstile. A lot of fans and only a few turnstiles is a recipe for slow turnover. Similarly, a small surface area with a bigger volume of water below (caused by the bulging of the bowl) means not enough oxygen is getting through for your pet.
  3. Goldfish bowls are boring, for your fish and for you. A goldfish bowl is too small to get much decoration into, so the fish is lucky to get some gravel or marbles and a pebble or two. Soon you’ve got a fish too bored to swim and an owner too bored to care. Not a recipe for healthy goldfish.
  4. Bowls get dirty too quickly. Some new kinds of bowls include filters, but the traditional goldfish bowl isn’t compatible with the technology that can keep an aquarium clean. Result: dirty water and gravel. Admittedly goldfish bowls are quick to clean, but only because they’re so small, and we’ve already discussed why that’s bad.
  5. You can only keep one goldfish in a bowl. You might get by with a couple of inmates for a while, but sooner or later you’ll forget to do a water change or overfeed the fish and the bowl will pollute too quickly. With just one goldfish in a bowl this problem is somewhat reduced, but goldfish are friendly, naturally shoaling fish that prefer the company of their fellows. It’s cruel to keep them alone.

Sure, some people do keep their goldfish in bowls for years. Whether their pets are happy is a question for philosophers, but they certainly don’t seem as content as fish in aquariums. Meanwhile the small size of the bowl means you’re always one accident or forgetful spell from disaster. Why risk your pet’s life?

Tips if you’ve already got a goldfish bowl:

  • Remove some of the water, so there’s more surface area to let oxygen into the bowl.
  • That will reduce the volume of water further, so be extra careful not to overfeed your goldfish.
  • Change one third of the water very regularly - ideally twice a week, but once a week at a minimum.
  • Stick to plastic plants and decorations. Rocks and some gravels leak minerals into the water, which can quickly overwhelm a small bowl.
  • If you’ve got more than two goldfish in your bowl, give one away (or better yet buy a new aquarium).

If you’ve already got a goldfish in a bowl, well, we all have to start somewhere. Please do click around the Goldfish Care Guide to learn more about your pets, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to get a small aquarium for your finny friends. An empty bowl makes a great plant pot!

Click here to learn more goldfish secrets!

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169 Responses to “5 reasons not to use goldfish bowls”

  1. Another reason not to use a bowl - the cats can get in them. Seriously! You can’t really put a lid on a goldfish bowl, which means your goldfish is just sitting there waiting for a hungry kitty to talk by. The good news is I kept mine scared away, but now have a nice Rena 50 tank for my goldfish (now called ‘Lucky’)

  2. lucky i got an aquarium

  3. Pet shops shouldnt be allowed to sell them knowing that they are for goldfish, If they were made to give correct information to people (not everyone has the internet) then people wouldnt be able to house them this way.

    Ive only just got the internet , i havent got a bowl but my tanks only a foot long and ive got a comet !! i was misinformed and now thinking “poo” :)

  4. […] literally: goldfish bowls are bad for any fish. I mean do you really need a 200-gallon aquarium, or are you just trying to keep up […]

  5. I had my fish for a few days so what if i put that colorful gravel. Would it do anything.

  6. They should stop selling “goldfish bowls”. A 10 gallon tank costs about the same price and all one needs is a filter and some decorations for the fish to swim around/through.

  7. Colorful gravel is okay and just a matter of taste, provided it’s safe for aquarium use, of course. Make sure you get it from a reputable fish store. Some cheap brands may leak toxic dyes or similar into the water…

  8. I won 2 carnival goldfish and now keep them in a 2 gallon bowl. They are fine and happy so far, im prepared to clean them out and i treat the water with tapsafe to prevent them getting poisoned by clorine and heavy metals.

    I used to own a 40 litre fish tank and sold it ages ago. I have become quite knowlagable about goldfish and how to care about them. However when me and my friend won a goldfish at the christmas carnival i became intersted in goldfish again and have now got a bowl for me and my friends fish which contains some green gravel, a fake plant, a rock, some clean water and some oxygenating crystals.

    I prefer my bowl to my tank because its traditional globular and nice :)

  9. I got a goldfish called Bubbles for Christmas and my parents bought me a starter kit with a plastic bowl, gravel and artificial plant. Im scared now and dont know what to do because i want my goldfish to be happy and dont have enought money to buy a tank. Im 13 and this is my first goldfish. Help!


  10. Hi Amy

    Hey, don’t be scared. Your goldfish will probably be okay in the short-term in that bowl. Just be very sure to keep the water fresh and changed. Also, if you can reduce the water level in the bowl by an inch or two, that will help by increasing the surface area (the top of the water exposed to the air) which will allow more oxygen in.

    In the longer-term, look out for a small, cheap aquarium in a yard sale or from a friend whose fish die. You can often pick an old one up for free/pennies.

  11. Small tanks are equally as bad for goldfish. Goldfish 3 inches and smaller should have 10 gallons (40 liters) PER goldfish with alot of filtration for oxygenation.

  12. So, maybe some people like bowls! It may not be too good to keep a goldfish in one, especially a small, unfiltered bowl, but there are other kinds of fish that do well in bowls.

  13. @ Sharon - Thanks for adding your views. Large tanks are always better than small, but if we can encourage people to move up from bowls to small tanks, that’s a step in the right direction. In general, smaller tanks are better for small tropical fish than coldwater fish.

    @Sam - Well, this is a goldfish site. :) If you live in a warm climate a Siamese Fighting Fish might be an interesting fish to keep in a bowl. It can breath air if required, so the disadvantages aren’t so apparent.

  14. I’ve been thinking about keeping some fish for a while now, I never knew that the bowls were bad for allowing less oxugen in, I did know that they would be quite a boring habitat for any animal though. I think awareness needs to be raised about how bad these bowls are.
    I was kind of thinking before I visited this siteabout getting some goldfish in a medium sized tank and creating as nice a habitat as I could for them. If they ever out grew it, then I’ve got a big pond for them.

  15. I just wanted to thank you for all this good clear information. We wanted to get a couple goldfish for my neice (who is 1.5 years old and comes to visit us often) so we picked out a couple pretty fan tails and placed them in a nice ‘goldfish’ bowl with some blue gravel and a pretty sculpture of shells in the middle. Well, it’s plain to see that our new friends are not happy so I got on line to try to see why and here I see why. Tomorrow we will be taking another trip in to the pet store equipped with education and ready to prepare an appropriate home for the little fellas. They really are sweet and we’ve (well, me anyway) already gotten very attached. Thanks again! We’ll make em happy!

  16. i just bought my goldfish, and have placed him in a ‘bowl’ for the time because i havent got room for a tank in my little room, but i will be buying something bigger ASAP. Poor Billy-Bob didnt look very happy with me tonight when i moved him from the bag to the bowl and wont touch his food.

  17. I have a 2 gallon tank with filter. I have one small goldfish that is about an inch. Can I have two small goldfish in the tank or should I just keep it to one because of the size of the tank. Are goldfish alright socially by themselves or do they need to have others to thrive?

  18. Hey everyone. I was just checking out some websites trying to identify my 12 goldfish I’ve rescued last year and came across this sit. I have had Gold fish and Tropical fish 13 years. (not all the same fish sad to say) When i first started, I learned my death :(
    Now i know so much. I work at a pet store helping people understand fish, (not the easiest thing)
    I have 6 full grown gold fish, a Pearlscale, Black Moore, Vailtail, Oranda, Ryukin and lionhead in one BIG tank. The I have 2 Moores, a Vailtail, 2 Oradnas, and a Blue Oranda in a 30, all babies. Under 1 inch. Soon i will need to upgrade, lol
    Recently I was told about a UV Sterilizer. What is that? and Is it a good idea? And what wattage for how many gallons?
    Thx so much.

  19. i just bought the gold fish yesterday, its my fisrtime to have a pet fish in my life,when i saw the fish in the bowl i saw them floating lifeless, my heart hurts. my sister feed them alot. thats why they die, ho ho ho!!! my goldfish are gone na…. please help me..

    goldfish ko.

  20. i have a pair of goldfish in a goldfish bowl.. i get clean the bowl every single day..i wonder if the eggs that the female probably gives are also washed off when i change the water?!

  21. I recently bought a fancy goldfish “Ollie” from the local petstore. He is about 1 1/2 inches long.
    At first I had him in a betta vase for the first few days until i read up on goldfish and realized that he was too big for the vase…So then I bought him a 2 1/2 gallon bowl. It is pretty large, and I also got an airstone to put on the bottom of his tank. Apperently it is supposed to generate oxygen in the water. there are large rocks in the aquarium because i know that goldfish are scavengers and will eat small pebbles…so I dont have any small rocks.

    I feed him peas and goldfish pellets once a day. I also do a 50% water change once a week. I use aquasafe so that he is not affected by the chlorine or any other chemical in the city water, and put a few crystals of aquarium salt in the bowl as well. I read up on aquarium salt and apperantly it is supposed to protect them from disease and make them all around a bit more healthier.

    I am reading now that goldfish should be in no smaller than a 10 gallon aquarium…
    What should I do? I do not have room for a 10 gallon aquarium, but I do want Ollie to be happy..i woud love it if he lived for a long time! is the 2 1/2 gallon bowl big enough at this time? or do I need to get an even bigger bowl? Maybe a 4-5 gallon bowl? Are the airstones enough? And is there anything else I should be adding to his water?

  22. I have had my two gold fish for 12 years. They live in a bowl that holds 10l of water, they are fed tetrafin and the water is compleatly changed each week with tap water.
    They seem happy to me

  23. my goldfish had whitespot then i treated it using the appropriate medication as per the pet shop instructions. Within two days the fish had healed and I did a water change, then three hours later it died. Any ideas?

  24. i’ve got three goldfish a week ago. two goldfish of 3 inches and one of 2 inch. one of the large is caught by some kind of greenish tiny insect and the goldfish rubs itself to the sides and gravel of the tank. i googled it and found that the problem is “COSTIASIS”. how to treat this parasitic disease?. please help!!!!

  25. can i use anti ich ?

  26. hi i have to carnival gold fish one red and one white ive noticed a bright reddish substance under the ornaments and in the filter under the stones i always wash it away and clean everything propper but im worried this drastic cleaning may affect the fish detrimentally i always hold back two pints of old tank water because ive heard you have to maintain a balance i must be honest aswell my pump went down about three weeks ago but the fish seem to be ok is this neglect or ?

  27. Yes goldfish bowls are not recommended for goldfish for sure. Goldfish are indeed a very dirty fish and the lifespan of your new pet will not be as long as it would be in a well maintained aquarium equipped with a aquarium filter and air pump.

    I know a lot of people often buy goldfish bowls because of lack of money or just want to get there feet wet getting in the hobby. Ultimately down the road they end up buying a bigger aquarium when which they could have done at the start. Also aquariums you will have much better luck then you would with goldfish bowls.

    If people do get a goldfish bowl you will need to regular maintenance or your fish could get sick with fish diseases and die. My suggestion is stay away from goldfish bowls and go up a size and get yourself a fully equipped aquarium. Looks much nicer set up in your home.


    Jamie Boyle
    Goldfish Guy

  28. comment box doesn’t seem to be working, test

  29. One of our goldfish lays on it’s back. Sometimes it look like it is dead. When I check it is still breathing. Is it normal for it to lay on its back?

  30. Maybe I should of looked all this up before i got a fish. I got two gold fish in one bowl. This is the first time for me to have my OWN fish most were at my grandmothers so i never took care of one. I do have a question on feeding the fish. All i get is don’t over feed them. Well how much is to much.
    Also I work many hours so feeding them twice aday is all I could do. would that be ok in the long run?

  31. hey guys. for christmas i got a 2 gallon fish tank well its round but not bulgy ( like a dreaded bowl) it more like a cyclinder it about 25cm high and radius of 15cm. i have a filtration system in it with also gives out bubbles. ive got 1 real plant and one artificial. my fish is a fantail goldfish only around and inch and a half. does my tank setup sound okay?? also i have some oxygenating tablets

  32. If only I knew about these things earlier!!!!

    I have “the local fish-pet shop” down the road. He was completely useless and did not seem to care about the health of the fish he had or sold (kept too many in one tank and would not tell you what was wrong with the fish until one was dead and he would tell you another bit of equipment that you needed.)

    One. The fish bowl got dirty within days. I would suggest to anyone with a fish bowl to invest in either a new tank or a very good filter. I was fooled by the “local fish guy by a £15 pump with carbon. The carbon broke up and covered the whole bowl with black dust.
    Two. I thought I just brought grumpy fish…. Only to find out they had no oxygen. They had red ‘noses’ where they had gone to the top of the bowl to find oxygen and then passing out and hitting the gravel at the bottom. I felt so guilty.
    Three. Fish bowls are very easy to break. A little bit of pressure on the rim and it shatters.
    Four. I live in a hard watered area and buy water softener for aquariums. I’m not sure what it does but my fish have seemed very happy since.

    Anyone that thinks looking after fish is easy…. I’d say get a hamster.

    Plus if anyone is from London I strongly recommend NOT buying ANYTHING from the aquarian shop on the Camberwell Road. They are purely there to scam. And if you’re anything like me and love your fish (Jack and Vera) to pieces (RIP Philas, Fred and Jerry) he will not tell you what is best for your fish but what is best for you to line his pockets.

  33. Harry - I suggest get him a friend. It sounds ok to me. Just make sure you get the right stuff to clean your tank. I wouldn’t worry about the oxygen if you have the tablets and the pump, but to make sure the water stays clean, I take a pint of water out every two days.

    Amanda - I average it to about 5 flakes (my fish are about 2 inches long) twice a day. But you can’t say exactly how much to feed them. It’s a bit of a guessing game for a while but you’ll know when you see no leftover food sitting at the bottom of the tank.

  34. My 5 year old son has had two goldfish living in a large bowl for almost two years now. I was reading the recommendations on this site and decided it would be better to move them into an aquarium. I purchased a 10 gallon aquarium with the intention of possibly adding more fish later. We read the instructions thoroughly and set up the new home for the fish. They seemed ok for the first week and then began to spend a lot of their time on lying on the aquarium floor. As of this morning they have both died and my son is crushed. I wish I had kept them in the bowl. If you do have fish thriving in a bowl please please be careful moving them to a new environment. Just because it’s bigger doesn’t necessarily make it better.

  35. i’ve had several goldfish and even some bettas when i was a child. they all lived in the same small 1 gallon bowl, but at different times. all of the died within 2 weeks. except for one goldfish i had lasted for 2 months, which i was excited about until it died.
    i never knew anything about fish or goldfish keeping when i was younger, just now am i finding out all this stuff. i changed the entire bowl of water once a week on sundays. i never put in conditioner, i just put the fish in the tap water. that musta killed them all. sometimes i put in conditioner, but mostly i forgot. (this is sad and pathetic) i fed them too much for it to eat and it got cloudy and it would not eat very much. it was still colorful until it died. everytime they died. now im older, i’ve been reading forums on goldfish and betta care for a month now and i’ve learned my basics… now i want to keep some goldfish and take those former life expectancies for goldfish in my house up a notch. i want huge healthy goldfish. what might you suggest to me?
    * i’m going on the cheap because of a budget i’ve set for myself, what should the minimum gallon size tank be for a small group of 2-5 goldfish?
    what tools are NECESSARY? (filter, air pump, heater…)
    water conditioner- what type is the best?
    another questioN: do they like treats like brine shrimp or freeze dried bloodworms?? (i’ve seen this on forums for other types of fish but not on goldfish)
    and, how many goldfish fry can you except for live for a beginner? and how long should i wait before attempting this? (i’m figuring at least a 1/2 a year…)

  36. I kept two goldfish for two years in a BIG goldfish bowl till I finally set them free on a big pond full of other goldfish. When replacing the water make sure that the temperature of the newly replaced water is the same or slightly higher than the temperature of the old water. You can achieve the right temperature by simply graduating the hot and cold water coming out from the tap. If you have an aquiarium thermometer you can check the temperature to make sure. If you do not have it, simply check it with your hand and if you are not sure, just make the new water a little bit warmer that the old one. Then add anti-chlorine and you are ready to place your fish in the new clean water.
    A sudden change of temperature of more that one degree below can kill your fish in a few minutes.

  37. All else being equal, a larger environment for a goldfish will be superior to a smaller one. However, the anti-bowl hysteria here is a bit overwrought. My 2 year old daughter won a goldfish at a carnival a year and a half ago, and he is still going strong, in a plastic bowl that is about 1.5 US gallons. The bowl has some blue gravel and a little plastic plant. He is very active and looks at anyone who comes near his bowl. Keeping a goldfish in a bowl is no real mystery: do not overfeed (that is the real sin), and change the water about once a week. Use a goldfish specific water conditioner (with slime coat aid), and you’ll do fine. Keep the room well lit during the day, engage your fish from time to time, and you’ll have a happy pet. This stuff about having to have a $40.00+ tank with filters and lights and whatnot is just too much. If you intend on overfeeding your fish and never changing the water, sure, get a big tank and a filter.

  38. Thank you everyone for the great information. My 7yo Princess just won two goldfish yesterday at a Japanese Festival. Of course, this caused my wife and I to scramble to get the dreaded bowl and colorful stones. I have a long history of water creatures as a child and was hoping to delay this foray to the waterworld until we could get a real Aquarium. My daughter woke up Easter morning to find the larger of the two dead in the bowl. So, today I have to work on rinsing out the tank and buying some of these water conditioners and other tips that I’ve read on the site. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the other…

  39. I use to have a fish bowl and my fish did fine in it because I changed the water like every 6 days ps. do not buy gold fish from pets mart

  40. I also had a bowl once and then I had to clean the atic and I found a big fish tank for gold fish so I cleand it and my gold fish steave was happy and I also found fish decorations to make him more happy and I didendnt have to buy a $40 fish tank my gold fish I was talking about died from this deses he had red spots and died do you Know WHat deses that is?

  41. My first thought was, Owen must own an aquarium store. My second thought was, WOW people take the health of a goldfish way more seriously than I do. I eat fish. I hook them with a barbed steel hook and throw them overboard to be eaten by another (hopefully much larger) fish. If we are going to give this much weight to the health and well-being of a goldfish, I should give up fishing. Isn’t that (afterall) extreme neglect for a fish’s wellbeing or cruelty to animals? Maybe I should stop eating fish. Hmmm.

    I have a beautiful 2 gallon goldfish bowl with two 2″ goldfish in it. They acclimated right away, ate within minutes of being transferred, and now seem perfectly happy together, Fred & Wilma.

    I am of another opinion, one that has yet to be posted here. An opinion I must keep if I am at all to be true to my perspective of fishing as a hobby and a sport. They are just fish. God gave us dominion over them and told us that we could do with them as we pleased. So we kill them and eat them. That may sound barbaric on a goldfish website, but it happens around the world. If Fred and Wilma are belly-up in the morning, I’d flush them and discuss what might have gone wrong. Once I solved the problem, I would buy a couple more. They are here for decoration and for my pleasure. When they no longer please me or decorate my home, I’ll transfer them to a pond.

    I like the bowl. It has fake plants, a small rock, pretty blue gravel, a sand dollar leaning up against the back, and a cool piece of white coral that is very striking against the blue gravel. It is not at all boring.

    Your advice on less water in the bowl providing more oxygen is a good one, tomorrow I’ll take 2 cups of water out. Actually, I loved all of your tips. Sound advice. Thank you.

    I’m still not sure whether Owen sells aquariums or not, but I’m very sure the people commenting on this blog take the health and well-being of goldfish a lot more seriously than I do.

    I agree with Chris from March 19th and feel the anti-bowl campaign is a little over the top. Happy hobbying. ~Diana~

  42. Really appreciate all the balanced info on both bowls and larger aquariums with air/filters. A question for the “bowl people”: how do you handle your fish during the bowl cleaning? Take it out and rinse the whole bowl, or leave it in and just change half the water, or what? thanks!

  43. We had one goldfish in a bowl for many years. It never allowed another fish to live in the bowl. The last couple years it often swam upside down or floated on the top. When we put in food it would eat and we could tap the bowl and it would swim some. Our method was to have two bowls. We moved the fish to a clean bowl each morning. Then we rinsed the dirty bowl and filled with water for the next day. We didn’t use gravel. We recently got 4 new fish and are trying it again. This time we will keep track of how long they live.

  44. I have recently bought 2 fantail fish, and 1 common goldfish in a 20litres tank (around 5 US gallons.) This tank cost me £50 and I hope they’re happy because I just don’t have the money or room for a bigger tank. I’m only 15. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (named after the 3 hyena’s in The Lion King) are only small, and seem like they’re doing fine, so I’m happy for now.

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  49. i have a goldfish in a bowl and it has lived happily for 1 year. i change all of the water and scrub the tank every month, and replace the with fresh water, adding a few drops of water conditioner. he gets fed once every two days. i am just researching now and apparantly i am doing everything wrong, but he has lived this long without a problem so i am not going to change it now. don’t stress too much about your goldfish, they are pretty hardy creatures.

  50. i want a goldfish.by the way cant you put a fish in a bowl they are still the same

  51. I see two mistakes in your post:
    1) A 6 inch goldfish is not a monster. All varieties besides pearlscale and veiltail can reach bigger. Commons and comets can grow bigger than 16 inches and can live to be 15-20 years old. They are barely sexually mature at age of two, that some people do consider to be a good long life for them.
    2) You can’t keep any fish in a bowl. Bowls cannot sustain a nitrogen cycle (meaning the fish just sits there in its own toxic rotting crap) and just too small for anything.
    3) Goldfish need large tanks are not beginner fish. General rule for fancies is 20 gallons for first, 10 for each additional with filtration rated for twice the tank size (lesser density of population is better), for commons/comets/shubunkins its 50-75 gallons each. Those things grow larger than oscar cichlids in size.

    If you got a goldfish in a bowl there are two options:
    1) Get a proper tank
    2) Return the fish, if you cannot care for the pet, you don’t have it. If you can’t afford a dog, you don’t buy a dog. You may love the fish, but without proper care, your care is just sadism.

  52. Owen is right, it is a common mistake people have thinking that Goldfish should live in a bowl.

    Goldfish can survive in a bowl but it is MUCH better to let him live in an aquarium

  53. I wish your web site would match better on my netbook. I hope that you could address this issue from the future.

  54. Magnificent site. Lots of helpful info here. I am sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks on your sweat!

  55. I think goldfish bowls, is great. Not bad, if u said they r small, so buy a bigger one n should put only 2 in each bowl. If u said, goldfish bowls don’t have enough oxygen, so buy oxygen an oxygen provider r put cool-rock in, n new goldfish bowls now already had oxygen provider already. y said the bowls is boring, we can see so clear through the glass of the bowls r putting 2 goldfish in, so they might plays with each other n happy. The bowl can get dirty though, if u feed so much r decorate a lot. U can keep them 2 for sure, but remember to buy a big or medium bowls. It not so much problems about goldfish bowls. U might said i know alot. Cuz 2day i also have goldfish too, n i breed it well. I have about 103 fishes, but just sole out last month. Please excuse if somethings wrong with my comments.

  56. I really like your writing style, good info, thanks for posting :D.

  57. I like little red fish, and it is hard to keep them in the bowl more than 2 months.

  58. I just won two comet ‘feeder’ goldfish, and put them in a small, 1 gallon square tank without a filter. They each are about an inch long. I’m not sure if I should buy a filter, or another slightly larger tank.
    I also put a few large stones (I put them in another fish’s bowl and it is still living) that I cleaned in fish-safe water. Is this okay? I’m sort of worried, I have a beta in a separate tank, but those are easy to care for.
    I’m completely new at the goldfish thing.. My parents don’t want me to buy a large tank for the fish, either, even though I heard that goldfish need something like 10 gallons per fish. I have my cousins goldfish in there, and she doesn’t have anything to put it into.
    What is the best way to keep them alive in my small tank temporarily?

  59. no bowl????dead fishy :(

  60. hay its me haseebjaan

    i also have a bowl and i have also experienced for having 4 line head gold fishes in the same bowl but unfortunayly thy only spent 2 month in mu bowl and then thy started to die 1 by 1. veeeeeery sad
    and know i have reamane 1 fish in my bowl if some body have to contact me my phone # 03067073755 pakistan

  61. Hey gold fish owners. I’ve got this black gold fish here, who seems to be struggling for oxygen. I’ve reduced the water in the tank right after reading this webpage. But it still seems to be swimming up to the surface for oxygen. How could additional oxygen be entered into the tank without an ”air rock”?

  62. I have one goldfish in a bowl. Is it all right if I add one more in the bowl?

  63. Hi
    We’re thinking of getting a pond in our backyard for goldfish and we’re going to put plants and water lilies in it. Would this be a suitable environment for them?? If yes, How big should the pond be?

  64. I had a goldfish bowl and kept 2 goldfish in it but a 6th reason why they are bad: The base is very small so jou can’t realy fit in anything but gravel. I now have a 6ft wide and 2 ft high tank and i am now very very happy with it i recomend buying a tank rather than a bowl cuz i got realy bored soon with the bowl. A tank is way better for many reasons.

  65. Oops i mean 3ft wide and 2ft high sorry

  66. Iwant a gold fish

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  68. I have had 2 gold fish for 3 years in a bowl with a filter and decorations, they seem happy and have had no problems. I change half the water every week and change filter tip monthly. I’m happy with my bowl :)

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  70. I had been thinking about switching Little Monster over to a bigger tank with filter and all and so I bought a 5 gallon tank and followed all of the instructions to the T… I switched him over and he went from being a lively happy active fish in his 2 gallon bowl with a stone cave house and pretty back drop, to laying on the bottom of his new tank completely not himself what so ever… lifeless and seem freaked out to be so out in the open… I put fake plants in and rocks and things for him to hide behind but he did not seem to like it at all… I switched him back to his good ol’ bowl and he livened back up.

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