Goldfish lifespan

Goldfish lifespan

With excellent care, goldfish should live for 10 years or more. The oldest can make it well past 20-years old.

Are you surprised? People think goldfish are short-lived animals is because they obtain weak feeder goldfish from fairgrounds, and then keep them in unsuitable goldfish bowls.

These weakened fish die after a year or two, and the unsuspecting keeper thinks his or her fish has passed away from old age, when in reality it was barely a toddler in terms of its natural lifespan.

Goldfish can also have a shortened life if they’re kept in a pond and captured by predators like herons, or even your neighborhood cat. Consider netting your pond, and try to have deep enough water to put off cats and some waterlilies to offer the fish cover from birds.

Tips for prolonging goldfish lifespan

  • Keep your goldfish in a properly-sized aquarium, not a bowl.
  • Feed them a good diet, based around high-quality flake food, with variety in the form of freeze dried foods, vegetable matter, frozen coldwater fish food, and even the occasional live treat such as daphnia. (Only buy live food from fish stores or net it yourself from small pools of water that don’t contain any fishes, to avoid introducing disease).
  • Don’t overfeed.
  • Maintain good water quality with a proper filter and regular tank cleaning sessions.
  • Buy smaller, bright looking fish in the first place. Larger goldfish are likely to be older - in some shops the goldfish on sale may be a year or two old already.

More ‘natural’ goldfish such as comets tend to have a greater lifespan than the fancy varieties. I’d say 12 years is a good age for a fantail, and the really fancy twin-tail or pop-eyed varieties may do well to make it to ten.

The bottom line is that your fish will be with your for a long time, so give it the best home you can - for your viewing pleasure and for their own health.

Please do tell us the age of your oldest goldfish in the comments below.

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  1. I have a goldfish that is 13 and a half years old. I don’t know what type of goldfish he is as he has the body of a common goldfish but has a fantail. He was one of the first fish we bought for our aquarium and has outlived a lot of the others. He currently lives with two other fish, one of which is eight and the other is less than a year.

  2. I had two feeders that belonged to my aunt when she was my age, They only passed away recently to. They would have had to be 25 years plus.

    To cheer myself up, I bought a ryukin x fantail that was to be fed to the oscars due to his tail fin having no split in it. He’s a beautiful little fish, and although his lifespan won’t be as great as my old feeders, I hope to have him around for many years.

  3. Hi Rowena and Jenna!

    Thanks for sharing your goldfish success. It’s great to hear of people having such success with their pets. A lot of people come to the Goldfish Care Guide with sick goldfish, so it’s nice to hear some happy stories :)

  4. I have been attracted to goldfish for many years. I am an artist and an educator. As an artist, I was first drawn to a group of 4 comets in a 29 gallon tank that I periodically saw in a nursing home over a 7 year period. In a rather depressing place, I found the view of these 4 beautiful fish — fully 10 inches long each from nose to tip of tale, gliding around each other repeatedly giving a most wondrous image.
    As I developed my art career and began thinking about subjects, I went back to the nursing home to take photos. When I arrived, they were gone… When I inquired, an employee said ‘Oh, now we have birds….”
    I have since provided goldfish for my own four children and now, any others I encouter. they are colorful, hardy and mostly kind-hearted– the kind of thing you encourage children to ponder. I now have a wondrous school — Space COast Early Intervention Center in Melbourne Florida a place that promotes inclusion for young children with disabilities… we have a 20 gallon tank with 4 beautiful fantails that mesmerize the children. All have been healthy for 11 months. Immobile children can watch at their own speed with a typical peer. THe sad part is that I have a great teaching staff whose generation has not had experiences with nature, so I have two generations to influence in care and respect of nature and learning about animals. Information from this site will be shared with our staff and the public who view our nature area on weekends. THANKS

  5. @Sally - what a lovely story! Thanks very much for sharing your comments in such detail, and really glad the Goldfish Care Guide could help you keep your fantails fit and well. :)

  6. I have three goldfish. One is a common, one a calico fantail, one a calico colored koi. They are all over two years, the oldest at aroud five. I have people who will be awed by how the goldfish are so old an big.(all over 6 inches, the koi at a foot) They can be agressive, I have lost several fish to them being hungry and the fish being small. I also lost an Oscar which was in there because he hadn’t been getting along with his mates. He bit the koi, whom promptly bit the Oscar’s gill off. Never put them in there, goldfish could kill them.

  7. Hi!
    I have had four goldfish which my first two have died. :(
    But my oldest one is Sandra Lee or Mr. Goldie. I have two names because i don’t know what my goldfish is. *a girl or a boy* i’m eight and i’ve had Sandra Lee ever since i was five. so he still has about nine years to live! I also bought a orangeish redish goldfish with white underneath on it’s stomach. It’s name is Chessey Chesseball or ChesseBall. He’s 1 or almost one on May 17th. My goldfish are fintail goldfish.

  8. I have had 4 goldfish both fintails. I’ve had my two goldfish not die and there names are Chesseball and Sandra Lee. Chesseball is one and Sandra Is three. I love them so much and take care of them!! I really love this website teaching me about goldfish!

  9. One of the oldest goldfish lived to be 43 yr. old!!!I was surprised when I heard this.
    Thanks for the help!!!

  10. Ye to Kuch nahi me ri gold fish 16 din jinda rahi thi.

  11. I had a goldfish when I was 2 years old which lived for about a year. Now 14 years later I have 4 goldfish my oldest is about 5 years old but his growth got stunted by a few years in a bowl, Sushi is almost 2 and is fun because he is trained to swim to the top and kiss our fingers, the other 2 might be about 1 year now. I totally love my fish.

  12. We have a fish that just past away, who lived a long 12-13 years. He started out in a large tank with a couple of other goldfish (which didn’t last nearly as long), then was moved to a small outdoor pond, where he was self-sufficient for the majority of his life. We must have only fed him twice, three time at the most. In the end, he turned out to be larger than my hand, and probably twice as old as my dog. RIP Superfish!

  13. What is the temp range for our pond?
    I live in metro Phoenix AZ

  14. Hello,
    We live on a 4 acre farmette with sheep, goats, donkeys and poultry. All my water tanks, tubs, wading pools, barrels contain goldfish to control the misquitoes and also I like the goldfish.
    I don’t feed the fish but they have plenty to eat and grow well. I like the Comets the best. They are so beautiful with their very long tails and fins.
    This year I have had to move the babies into various water tubs in smaller pastures. I have a 6 foot diameter X 2.5 deep water tank in my small orchard and it waters and fertilizes my trees. I removed 13, 2.0 long (body length) beautiful youngsters from that one last week and hope to raise 9 of them in an outside 20 gal tank for awhile. The other 4 are working in 2 - 20 gal tubs and 2 - 40 gal tubs. We have predators here. The worst are the Giant Blue Herons. I have wire over my tank in the orchard.

    The 5.0 foot diameter plastic wading pool in the dog yard also produces an abundent amount of babies. I removed 8 large (3″) early this spring and 4 more recently. They are never bothered by predators. The parents are still in the wading pool and seem to be doing fine. I hope to have more babies next year. They are both 5 inches in body length with tails seemingly as long.
    Goldfish are beautiful as well as practical.
    Thank you for your website.

  15. We have an orange fancy tail goldfish. He is now 8 years old.
    We have him in a 55 gallon tank but he is out-growing it.
    We think he is at about 2 lbs., 6 inches high and 10 inches long. We might consider adopting him out to a pet store with a stock tank or pond. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Kelly, get a bigger tank for your fancy tail. After 8 years, it would be hard to give him up.

  17. I have several goldfish that came from a friends elderly Mothers fish pond… They seem to be slighty cross-bred from the comets and fantails she had in the pond… She said she put 6 fish in originally, however, there were at least thirty in the pond… I have had these fish for 6 yrs in an aquarium… They were at least 2 yrs old when I netted them out of her backyard pond… So,I now know how long these beautiful fish can live… I always thought that they were short lived…

  18. Im not sure how old Fluffy is…we bought him a couple years ago from a local pet store. He’s a 7″ long fantail and since then he’s really become a member of our family. He knows when i’m nearby and will come to the front of the tank and try to get my attention by swimming back and forth very rapidly, and then he goes up and nibbles the surface of the water trying to get a treat out of me. Never really thought of fish having personalities til we got him. What a wonderful site you have here - thanks for all your efforts.

  19. i have two comet goldfish, 1 named daisy and the other dom, dont ask about the names,ive had allsorts of problems with them since i got them but they seem to be doing just fine after i had to cure them of whitespot and fin rot, they are extremely rewarding fish to have and are extremely hardy as they pulled through those diseases even though the guy at the fish shop said they were unlikely to pull through :D

  20. I had a comet goldfish who just recently died at the age of 12 years and my shubunkin goldfish is about 14 now and still going. He’s recently moved into a pond so hopefully he’ll have many years ahead of him in a bigger environment with other fish.

  21. I have 5 gold fish…well 1 of them is silver. I was, or should I say we were given/donated them at different stages. They lived in a recording studio in Glasgow until they moved to my Flat (link to pics Two of them (with the big tail fins) are at least 13 to 14 yrs old and the others range from 7 to 8 yrs, I hope they reach 40yrs+. They are very much loved and are a living reminder of all the good days gone by at the studio. PS you should have a Picture Gallery for showing everyone’s fishes, 1 pic only each would be nice.

  22. i am ten years old and when i was younger i had a goldfish that was pretty old but we didnt now how old….she got so big and i named her mama fish and she had like more than 10 husbands she was also big and very calm.the way she past is from the stupid fish feeder and we set it to go on vacation and it never fed her so when we got back she was D-E-A-D…i was so up set i cryed for a while. go ahead and call me a cry baby but i loved that fish.

  23. Our goldfish “Goldie” was a feeder goldfish from a fishing pond at a fair. I didn’t even want to get her a fishbowl as I was afraid she would die quickly and sadden my daughter. Goldie is almost ten now!

  24. I never really knew that goldfish could live to be so old. I’ve had mine for roughly 11 years and its still truckin along. I’ve enjoyed having him. He has caught a few different diseases over the years, but a little bit of research and some medicine and viola! Cured goldfish. ;) I think I’ve had 3 different tanks for him and 10 filters probably. During those 11 years I have moved probably 6 times and he has faithfully followed each time. I think i’m about ready to get him a new fancier style tank. I have the strange feeling that after I put a few hundred into a new home he will bite the dust. Wish me luck! ;)

  25. I find it strange that fish, feeder golfish particularly, do not have a short lifespan. Is this a fish thing? Are there other animals that “when well kept” live, and live, and live. Parrots, who else?. Thanks.

  26. My daughter won our goldfish at our State Fair 12 years ago. It was very small and now it is approx 5″ head to fin and 8″ to the end of the fin. I don’t know what kind it is - just an ordinary goldfish, not a fan tail. But he is HUGE. He has turned from bright gold to white.

  27. My goldfish is threee. I got him at a fair.

  28. HI

  29. i have bought 2 gold fishes nearly 5months ago. sandy and goldy on of them eats very much and is a lil bit agressive . now they r living with 2 sharks and 2 angels.

  30. Had Mr Fish for nigh on 7 years. He keeps growing, and is not v gold anymore. He is very socialable, and feeds out of my fingers,… and mouth to mouth ! Each time I buy him a new tank I think its his last and am convinced he must be reaching the end of his days. Now Ive read these stories I will keep upgrading him!

  31. Hey, Had my comet goldfish for over a year now and they just keep growing we have a big tank with a big decoration as a hiding place. They really surprised me about how smart they are and I think they are great to watch!

  32. Hello, I just lost my goldfish name Kindo and she live about 3 years with us but was a older fish when we got her. I have two other fishes and I just want to know how long will or can live.

  33. I adopted 2 goldfish, both were bought by the previous owner as feeders. The largest has outgrown his color, solid white, about 10″, approx.13yrs old. We call him Kong, because he’s the king of our 100+gal tank! LOL! The other is bright orange (Sunkist), only 5″, approx.-11yrs old. I don’t even want to think about “that inevitable day”, but they’re healthy & we hope to have them for many more years.

  34. my gold fish is ten yrs old now and in small bowl on windowsill,well i have him ten years, don’t know what age he was when i bought him, can’t believe we have him for that long.And absolutely no maintenance at all.Hope he has another ten years left in him….

  35. My mother had a goldfish I won at a Christmas bazaar when I was 5. It passed away a month after I was married at 23. It was a very small fish when I got it. So it was atleast 18
    Years old.

  36. Hi! I don’t own goldfishes. But I might own one, first of all what temperture are goldfishes use to? I don’t want them to freeze or get heated up.

  37. Amanda, you’re not a crybaby for loving an animal you’ve taken such wonderful care of. Alli, I have a ten year old tarantula(chilean rosehair). I have a seven inch two year old comet and a three inch six month old comet, both in a 75gallon tank. Keep up the good work, all you awesome fish lovers!

  38. My oldest ‘goldfish’ is about 9 yrs old and lives in our 8′deep x
    16 ‘ long and 12′ wide outdoor POND. Most interesting fact learned
    about these fish….is that they live on the Algae alone.We bought
    tons of Food for goldfish in first few years and then found out
    that they live off the Algae and wild bugs.

    Greatest surprise was that we bought 30 of them at local Lowes
    store at .25 cents each. Shocked to discover that one of them
    grew rapidly and was really a Coit fish …not a goldfish. She
    gets alone fine with all the other 30 goldfish…I think she
    believes that she is a Goldfish also.

  39. My mom won 2 goldfish at a fair back in 1971. One of them unfortunately jumped and died shortly after she got it. The other lived in a glass bowl with blue rocks, ate goldfish food (not the flakes) everyday and she cleaned 100% of his water once a week with regular tap water, no drops or filters. During water changes she’d put him in a shallow bowl on the counter. If you put your finger in and stayed still he would come up and rub himself against your finger. He lived for over 18 years.

  40. I bought two goldfish yesterday for my seven year old son but one already died. How can I help him to survive to other one.


  41. i wanna buy a goldfish 1 of my fish died 2 day a rosie barb i have a fighter too does a goldfish need oxygen pump or whatever it is called and is it ok to keep only one goldfish can we train it and how PLZZZ HELP ME TO SORT THIS PROBLEM OUT. i am 10

  42. When I was young, I went to a town fair, I went to hook a duck and I won a small, tiny goldfish, I named it bubbles! My mum thought it would only last at least 2-3 days, guess what, it lasted 28 years. Yeah, you heard me right. Please, everyone, if you want a goldfish that lasts, go for a goldfish, but my gold fish lived in a large aquarium, so I would recommend that, if you want it to live that long.

    If you have any questions about fish care and fish management, please email me at or
    angelx9× or
    Ring me at
    (07) 54453589

    Thank you lots

  43. This answers a lot of my questions. I won three goldfish at a carnival and all of my friends fish died after only a week or two.. it was awful. Mine lived way past ten years. I figure that if you take in an animal big or small you are accepting the responsibility to give it a good life… I feel sad for the people who let theirs die so quickly. It’s not right.

  44. people who keep telescope goldfish with comets have taken a huge risk because I didnt care what the breed was I just got them and I realized that my nextdoor neighbour had a similer fish but without the googly eyes and the telescope died and ever scince then I have been reserching the goldfish and their characteristics and I figured out that my telescope wasn’t as hardy as the fantailand I only just found out that single tailed goldfishcan live for longer and when I was 6 I didn’t know that single tailed goldfish can live longer that fancy varietys

  45. Our family pet OJ was picked up at our Island county fair when my daughter was 11 years old and just died on saturday the 5th of Nov. My daughter is 25 years old now so OJ must have just turned 15 when he died. we kept him in a tank and fed him goldfish flakes. he was about four inches long and outlived every other fish that went in the tank with him. Long live the goldfish in your life!!!

  46. My fantail goldfish wasn’t thought to live very long due to his rather comical proportions (he has always looked like a golfball with fins) but is almost at seven years now :)

  47. hi, i have a common goldfish that i won at a fair when I was 5, he has a massive tank that even has LED lights that change at night and day so he knows when it is time to sleep and wake up. when I first bought him he was a tiny dull orange goldfish, throughout the years I have spoilt him with new decorations to his tank, gave him stress relief to make him calm and gave him stuff to make his scales shine, he turned into a 6inch, bright gold, goldfish. He had no complications for 10 years but 2 days ago he started to deteriorate, all he does now is sleep at the bottom of the tank, his eyes are moving and we have put aquarium salt in his tank to try liven him up, it only lasted for 30seconds at the most. now i really don’t know what to do, it’s really upsetting me just seeing him like that as ive had him for 10 years and i hoped he would grow up with me and my kids could see him when i was older. does he feel pain? can i put him to sleep? and can i cremate him? (i know it’s a bit ott but he really does mean that much to me) please can you answer these question? thank you :(

  48. We have had a goldfish in a small glass bowl for at least 7 years. She is silly she flip and spashes every morning to let me know she is hungry. Her bowl is rite next tyo the coffee maker. I wonder if us having a kinetic water softener helps. :-)

  49. I have 12 goldfish(3 Commets,1 Shubunkin and 8 common)and 2 other small fish.My fiance brought them home from work 3 weeks ago,as he works at the local Zoo,and the pond there is undergoing some changes in size and depth .So the pond was dried up,and all the fish were left there to die,but the workers were allowed to take them home if they desired.I keep the fish in 2 separate tanks but both of them are quite small for them.I’m hoping that I will be able to buy a suitable tank for them,but until then I think I’ll improvise an indoor pond out of a plastic water tub or something.As far as the age of the fish,7 of them are about 10 cm long each so they must be at least 1-2 years old.I would really like to see all of them growing,and living a good, long life,and I hope that I’m not being cruel by keeping so many of them in a relatively small space,but I figured that it’s better than leaving them to die in a dried out pond.

  50. Hey guys I have two comets they are 8 years old and when I tell people they are in awe. They are gorgeous and one, piper is blind but now I have taught them to come to the top of the tank when I tap the plastic lid. I have revived them 3 times too lol. I also would have thought rory would pick on piper but he/she doesn’t if anything communicates and sticks close. There are no babies so they must be the same sex. I love them and rory is feisty she almost jumped out of the tank once. I am proud of my efforts keeping them alive :)

  51. I have a Common Goldfish I bought 14 years ago from Walmart for 15 cents. He lives in a 75 Gal. Fishtank all by himself with two 150 Gal. Filters and one 75 Gal. Filter. He eats a varried diet of fish flakes, bloodworms, brine shrimp and various veggies.

  52. We bought our kids two goldfish (I think one of them is a fantail) when I was still pregnant with our youngest. She is now 7 years old. We love them!

  53. I feel terrible about the life my oldest fish has had. I’ll be honest, he hasn’t had the best life. He is 12 years old now and I got him from a school fair when I was 7. I swear he really must be immortal because a lot of things has happened to him in his life. My step mum ditsy left him and three others in a small room with lots of windows for a week when she went on holiday. The other three basically cooked to death, mine still swimming around happily. My brother once fed him, and another fish, to my old cat. This resulted in him loosing a few scales, but the cat mostly had the other fish before him and I was able to save him from her jaws. He has been starved (this was my fault) as I stupidly forgot I had fish and his tank was literary black, when I found the tank under my mess, I was surprised to find he was there, still happily and lively swimming about. Because I was young, I used to handle the poor thing regularly and as he gasped for breath I found it funny as he ’sang’ songs. Oh my I was terrible to him

    This thing is immortal, the fair fish are lucky to live to two years as this article states.

    His traumatic days are over now, as I am much older now and take much better care of this fish I call Cartman. Im not perfect, but I do give my fish love (as I have well over 20 now) and they are all healthy and well and in suitable tanks. Talking about Cartman and how amazing he is as a little fish is fun though. I blame my immaturity and naivety for his younger life, but I can assure you, he is doing excellent for his age.

  54. My fish named Spike lived a day and a half

  55. My son won our goldfish at his school carnival and we have had him for 5 years npw his name is goldy

  56. I’ve come to this page looking for help to save my poor goldfish. I really didn’t know much about goldfish until I read the article in this page. I thought my goldfish was too old and it was getting slow because that same reason but I bought it a year ago as recommendation of food for another fish I had. I never thought this little fish would outlive the rest and stay alone and strong until now. I’m very worried, please any help on food or vitamin I can provide my fish. I don’t want it to die. I feel is part of me now. Its funny but i feel this fish, somehow, connects with me … I now it might sound very stupid but the fish actually watches tv with me

  57. My friend has a fantail goldfish named nemo the swimming fish that we got at the fair and is still living after 11 years :)

  58. I had a goldfish that was a “feeder” fish. He grew into a beautiful long-tailed beauty! He lived to be 10 years old. During his last year he had problems with his air bladder and I would hold him down in the tank. He eventually overcame it and lived another year. When he died I put him in the freezer waiting for the appropriate place to bury him. The appropriate day came when we planted a new tree in the yard. I put him in the hole dug for the tree. Every spring whe the crepe myrtle blooms I remember him!

  59. I have two Goldfish who are Around 2-3 years old and I Believe One of them is Dying. I don’t think it’s from a Disease because he still obtains his Perfect Orange Color and he Looks Fine. All of a Sudden he Just Stopped Eating and He has not ate for 5 Days Now. He also Swims to the top of my 10-gallon tank like he is trying to get “Oxygen”.. I know their is Plenty of Oxygen in my tank, for i have an Excellent Filter and the Fact that my Other Fish is Perfectly Healthy. There might be One Problem though? I think throughout his Life, I have “Overfed” him, for he is kind of Plump. but then Again if that was the Case, Why All of a Sudden would he Just Stop Eating…?

  60. Message to ” CHLOE “…
    I Know exactly what you Mean. My Goldfish has Stopped Eating for Five Days Now. Even though he is Just a Stupid Fish, I have Grown Attatched to Him and I Love him. Everyday he is Getting Weaker and Weaker and It’s Like I’m just Waiting for Him to Die. Everyday I Gotta feed my Other Fish and I see Him Just Swimming their Waiting to Die! Do Fish Suffer? and Do they Know if their about to Die ?

  61. I had common goldfish that lived for 18-19 yrs. The only reason they died is because I made the mistake of introducing diseased fish I had purchased from Petsmart, without quarantining them first. Only one of the new fish survived, and is receiving top care. I consider this a chance to do things the right way.

  62. My fish lived 7 years and died 7 years it was a black moor what is there normal life span

  63. My son won a little fish at the fair and he has been with us a year now. He has out lived all the little buddies we got for him and is huge compared to our recent additions to our 30 gallon tank, he is probably about 7 inches long. Thank you for the information though, I had no idea fish could live a long as dogs and cats!

  64. i have 2 goldgfish loinhad but i dont know wan bread my fish also 9 year’s plz help me guyzz.

  65. My 17 yr old daughter just recently brought a goldfish this past weekend. I just got a phone call from her telling me “Melvin” died : (
    She’s very sad, and I’m going to get her another goldfish today. I googled “goldfish lifespan” and came upon this website. I’ve found some very helpful tips, and yes I am surprised that goldfish can live as long as 25 years!

    Hopefully this new goldfish will live a longer life with the tips I’ve learned today : )

  66. I recently got the comet goldfish and three fantailed goldfish but they all died by the end of the week then I got 2 more fantailed and one died and now I only have the one his name is plinko im pretty sure if he’s lived for more than two months he’ll live

  67. my golfish lived for 8 yrs!!!! :)

  68. I have two fish both 19 year old

  69. hie guys, thanks a mill for this site, i have recently got my first fan tail..awesome little creatures they are, i hope to have a long healthy friendship with him, i have named him Tune..wooow, i didnt know they lived so long, so excited!!

  70. Hi All, great to hear some lovely goldfish stories! I just wanted to add my 2.5 cents to the topic :)
    Ive had 7 comets since they were around 3cm length in a 1.5m diameter outdoor pond and 6 years on theyre still going strong and have bred quite a bit! 4 have been moved to a larger pond and have grown to around 25cm total length. We have always had them with Koi and have never had problems, actually they are very robust hardy fish def. more so than the Kois.

    I have never had to use any chemicals or fancy filters, all Ive ever had is a submersible pump pumping water up to a higher fountain filled with some water plants and then the overflow just flows back into the pond, basically a natural filter and oxygen aerator combo. I have only lost 2 fish and they were Koi who jumped out of the pond as they got bigger :( but no goldfish has ever been lost or sick…they really are hardy and strong with good water quality! In summer I feed them once a day and in winter I only feed them every 3rd day, Im in Perth WA, so a temperate zone.

    Hope this helps all you fellow goldfish keepers and hopefully they have a long happy life in your ponds :)

  71. Hi All! I was given a goldfish at a wedding back in October…She is mostly orange and her tail comes to a V in back…Not sure what kind she is…I have her in the same vase I got her in…She seems to be doing well although after reading up I know I need to get her an aquarium! I change the vase water every other day or so…Is that bad? Should I only be doing PARTIAL water changes and would that be every day or once a week? Sometimes my fish Belle’s water is very clear and other times, it’s cloudy…Does the cloudy water mean there is ammonia in the water? Also, I thought of buying a gold fish that is mostly white with orange spots but it’s three inches long…Would that be a bad idea? Would a three and a half gallon tank be sufficient for either or both these fish? PLEASE SOMEONE ADVISE ME ON THESE QUESTIONS…Thanks!

  72. A few years ago my aunt passed away and I got her 27 year old goldfish and that was five years ago and I still have sunny to this very day he lives in a bowl on the kitchen counter

    That fish is 8 years older than me

  73. See you can live in a bowl and be happy I may be 32 but my uncle koy who lives out i n the pond
    Lasted 2 months whith out being fed so in your face

    Sincerely, sunny the goldfish

  74. My goldfish Albert has outlived his 3 friends…..I got him when I was 16 …..I am now 37! So Albert is 21…….I was just trying to find out why his scales have started to stick out……..I didn’t realise he was so old…..he’s just always been here……

  75. i habe a sarasa comet named oscar hes almost 6 on may 1st and lives in a 250 litre tank with an external filter he also live with one shubumpkin named timmy a yellow goldfish another sarasa comet and a comet he is almost 7inc and i love him hes buetifull and so friendly hopefully he will live a long long time xx

  76. I have three goldfish ,feeder fish, that were quick replacements
    for our younger girls when their school fish died. They have
    had tadpoles, minnows and a couple of crabs visiting them through the years. Thats about ten years so far. They’ve become quite friendly and don’t shy away when my hand goes in to clean.

  77. We have one goldfish who lives happily in our pond and ‘he’ is at least 19 years old. He’s happy to sit in a bucket once a year when we thin out the pond plants and swims around surveying his newly expanded habitat when we put him back in.

    We run a filter throught the summer to keep the water clear. We don’t feed him as he’s never eaten the fish food offered. He likes nothing better than to sunbathe on sunny days, and he doesn’t seem at all lonely, he has newts and frogs for companionship and seems a very contented fish. He’s deep orange and about five inches long.

  78. My lovely goldfish Sammy died today, at the age of 15 and a half. I had him in a 25 gallon tank on the kitchen counter and he was a really friendly character. He always watched me preparing meals. It’s a sad feeling that I won’t need to keep checking on him any more.
    I buried him at the bottom of my

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  80. I’ve a comet and some sort of longer fined variety that have been with me for over five years. They are both carnival feeder goldfish. I dislike the poor treatment of carnival fish and the lack of understanding many people have about them, but it is what it is, and over the years I’ve acquired these types of fish and with proper diet, filter, environment, etcetera, they not only live long lives but they become friendly and fun members of a diverse aquarium.

  81. My longtailed goldfish lived 21 years but it had been moved to Libby, MT to my new apartment and it doesn’t live that long 9 months I think then it gave up on life swimming on it’s back for 1 day I kissed the glass of it tank. Say 21 years is a good life for a long tailed goldfish, isn’t it? I missed you Honey Dew!

  82. Had been keeping goldfish since 1989, seen many goldfish come and go, the longest lived goldfish I had was Nemo, a wakin goldfish and Whitefin, a comet long tailed goldfish both died unexpectedly after living for 10 years and 10 months with me last November. Missing both of you, Nemo and Whitefin, August 2003 - November 2014.

  83. I started with twelve feeder fish back in March 2007. It’s now June 2015, after hundreds of babies and hundreds of generations, plus giving away hundreds of goldfish, I have ten left, the results of my breeding experiments. Two original all white, and one very, very, long tailed original Comet goldfish (I call him “Flare” because of his tremendously long tail. The other seven are all white with extra long Comet tails. Soon I’ll give away the originals and hope the remaining 7 white fish with extra long tails will have a viable breeding population. Ones that will give me a continuous, and constant supply of graceful White Comets with tails longer than their bodies. They are soo cool!

  84. Oh gosh this is upsetting and very sad but I got a comet 9 months ago and she died today! I don’t know what I’ve done wrong but I’m very sad to find out how much longer she should have lived. Before I get another fish I MUST make sure I know what went wrong so no other fish will end up the same way. The last fish I had lived for 6 years. I’m not exactly sure what she was but she wasn’t a goldfish. Anyway, help?

  85. I bought 2 small comets at some point before 9/11.

    I bought them to “cure” a new tank. :) Needless to say I didn’t have to buy any more fish.

    Click & Clack are still with me, so they are over 14 years of age.
    They moved with me from CA to NY and then to WY. I love my goldfish.

  86. Have a 13×16 ft pond holding exactly 5000 Gallons US. built in 1999. Stoked it originally with about 30 Feeder Goldfish (and Shubunkins?) and later with a couple of Kois. Never bought another Goldfish since they reproduce to a steady population of about 70 . The biggest ones are likely still original. Mortality is very low, yearly perhaps 3-4 fish at the most. Frogs survive really good every year, one year in the spring we counted 73 small sized-ones at the same time. The Kois only survive for a couple of years. Winter very harsh here, I keep an air supply 24/7 all year going in a small heated pump house. During winter I try to keep an air hole through the ice open if necessary almost daily. Have no filter going but a lot of plants growing in pots. Also a fair sized fountain operating occasionally. Summertime, Water lettuce and Water Hyacinths keep the algae down and proliferate so much as to cover the whole pond. By now I know the pond will need to be cleaned out but at my age (88 years) I have no more ambition to do this. Loved fishes always, they make perfect pets!

  87. Just like any other domesticated pet, you can do a lot to help improve the lifespan of your best friend.

    For starters, you need to avoid breeding the goldfish in a pond or a bowl. It’s common to see adverts, movies and cartoons where the fish are kept in tiny bowls and ponds. But these environments are NOT good for the goldfish to live a long and happy life in.

    Please look after your pets properly!

  88. Okay, so I’m considering getting a comet goldfish.
    Can someone reccomend somewhere where I can get one and supplies according to their needs? Please? I really need help. Thank you!

  89. I am hoping to buy my brother a goldfish. he is going to turn 2. Any suggestions on what type to get him?

  90. We have a koi pond with several goldfish and a koi that was — fifteen years ago — the same size as the goldfish. If anyone in the LA region wants them, get in touch. A heron caught two, but they apparently remember the first two visits and stayed out of reach on the thirs. We were cheering for the heron.

  91. i have 2 comet goldfish thats 2 and a half years old. they were feeder fish when i bought them but now they are at least 10 inches long in a 20 gal tank. I need a bigger tank but dont have the funds so i will have to find someone to adopt them. Would you please give me info on who can adopt them? They are very healthy. Or give me info on how to make a homemade tank.

  92. My goldfish died last February. He was three months away from being 13 years old. I was so sad when he died 😢
    Miss you Tarmac!

  93. I have 15 pond fish, ages range from 14 to 1 year old.
    I am on the 4th generation of feeder goldfish.
    Raccoons got the first adults but they had babies before they died, then blue herons started finding the pond.
    My pond is 4 ft deep, plants in the center, netted and a elec fence. Love my fish and will do anything for them

  94. I have comet and common feeder goldfish which were very cheap. I figured if they died, it would be no great loss. There are 8 living in a 26 gallon tank with a rosy red minnow. These fish love to eat. They get flakes, pellets, and peas. I feed them twice a day.
    Water quality is most important. I change 6 gallons of water every 2 weeks, and check ammonia levels periodically. I know they won’t grow very large in a tank this size, but I really don’t care. They seem happy, and are all very healthy.
    They share the tank with a few dozen rams horn snails that I keep for algae control. The tank is very clean. I run 2 Aquaclear filters and 2 air stones 24/7. So far, so good.

  95. Just wanted to share my positive story. In 3008 my son brought home a very tiny goldfish from the local fair. He survived the night in a fruit bowl (it’s all we had) and the next day I purchased a 12 litre tank with some stones and ornaments. There has never been a filter but ive done regular water changes and put in chemicals to make the tap water safe. We named him “Tish” and he is now nearly 9 years old, much larger and extremely healthy. His diet is flakes and pellets. I have learned he is a comet tail.

  96. That should have read 2008! I haven’t time travelled lol

  97. I just lost my goldfish. He was all white even with plants in the tank. He was translucent really. Had a very large fan like tail. I’d had him for about 12 years. The day I got him I looked around the store to find an employee to help me. I found the employee scooping up all the feeder goldfish for a guy who needed to feed his Oscar fish. I explained I wanted a pet goldfish nothing fancy and the guy said take one out and give it to her. So now that I think of it Sparky was a rescue pet.

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